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Here’s how SEO Sherpa can help you

If you are looking to rank your website top of the search engines so that you can generate more traffic, leads and customers then SEO Sherpa can help you. Since 2012 SEO Sherpa has been helping business large and small climb the ranks in Google.

SEO Sherpa now manages the search engine optimisation for more than 75 companies, everyone from fast growth start-ups to world leading brands.

A team without borders

While we have a small office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our entire team is free to work remotely from wherever they choose. Our team consists of more than 41 search engine specialists spread across 12 cities in 7 countries.

We overcome remote challenges through transparency (we call it being open for business) teamwork and video conferencing.

SEO Sherpa Remote Team

Our goal is to create freedom for thousands of business owners around the world through our services. While growth is important, team and values are paramount. We believe the impossible is nothing, we never settle and think work should be serious fun.

Organic, expert, in-house

When you choose SEO Sherpa you can be sure of three things:

  • We’ll use only 100% handcrafted organic SEO techniques.
  • You’ll get search engine specialists managing your campaign.
  • And, those experts will be in-house.

Our three pillars “organic, expert, in-house” approach requires more effort and may cost a little more, but like a fine wine or a bespoke suit, the results are well worth it.

About James Reynolds

James Reynolds is the Founder and Managing Director of SEO Sherpa, part of the company Veravo.

James started his career as the first full-time employee of a small start-up photography business. Over the next 10 years as General Manager he spearheaded the growth of that business from a five figure, 3 person outfit into a multimillion dollar earning company, with over 50 staff. James is close to matching that feat with Veravo in a little over 5 years.

James has spoken at conferences in the United Kingdom, Australia, Bahrain and UAE to name just a few and has appeared alongside notable speakers such as Michael Gerber (E-Myth), Larry Winget, Chris Brogan and Scott Stratten in the successful Guinness World Record attempt for the longest-ever online seminar.

In 2014, James was named Chairman of the Middle East’s first and only search engine marketing conference The Search Exchange and in 2017 was selected on the judging panel of the inaugural MENA Search Awards.

James is a columnist for Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine’s and has been featured on CNN, Fox News and locally on Dubai One.

James is also mentioned in popular marketing books such as the Amazon best seller Brand Against The Machine by John Morgan.

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