Gizem Duran

Technical SEO

Turkish, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

After earning her bachelor’s degree in management  engineering at Beykent University in 2017, Gizem dived into volunteering at the Stowarzyszenie Aktywności Obywatelskiej BONA FIDES helping communities and assisting NGOs, as well as giving language lessons to residents.

In mid 2019, fresh from her 2-year stint as a volunteer, Gizem began building her career as a search engine optimisation specialist in Istanbul, Turkey. Her first job was as a digital analytics and SEO executive — a role she quickly grew in as she was promoted to a senior post in December 2020.

From there, she moved on to her role as senior SEO executive in another company in Istanbul, and then as a technical SEO specialist in Sweden. By February 2023, Gizem finally became part of SEO Sherpa’s team of SEO pros helping to grow the company and achieve the goals of its clients.

The Fun

Mornings and drinking water are best, says Gizem, whose pet peeves include disruptions and slow progress in activities, including work. 

Although she’d love to be in a job where she’ll be helping people and keeping in touch, Gizem’s quite happy about joining SEO Sherpa — but not as happy as when she’s  having good time with my family and friends. 

A nature lover who thinks she’d be a horse if she were an animal (but don’t make her drink mare milk; give her dessert instead), Gizem loves long walks in natural settings, including ones by the beach. 

Gizem’s motto is ‘audaces fortuna iuvat’ or ‘fortune favors the bold’ which we’re sure will continue to work for her as she achieves her goals of living abroad and traveling a lot — while doing some mind reading on the side, maybe, as it’s her dream superpower.

Special Skills:

• Technical SEO • Digital analytics


• Hearing voices while asleep and talking back • Volunteer work

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