Lhen Villasencio

Lead Outreach Manager

English, Filipino

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Lhen is Lead Outreach Manager at SEO Sherpa. As division head, you should get a clue in on the immense responsibility she bears.

Lhen is originally from the Philippines. She has a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Saint Louis University in Baguio City.

Before she joined SEO Sherpa, Lhen worked as the research and development lead at SEO Partner, a link-building agency subsequently acquired by SEO Sherpa.

She uses her penchant for organization and precision to continuously evolve, automate, and improve established routines and processes. Thanks to her, the company’s link-building department has well-defined and organized systems that continuously pull impressive results for SEO Sherpa clients.

The Fun

Lhen loves traveling. In fact, if you ask her what animal she’d be if she were, well, not human, she’d tell you she’d be a bird so she could fly wherever she wishes to go.

Too bad she’s afraid — nay, scared — of heights. Oh, wait, make that petrified. She gets panic attacks whenever she has to fly. She detests flying on airplanes so much that she wishes she can teleport.

Given her aversion to heights and flights, it’s a good thing she loves watching crime documentaries on TV. If she weren’t in link-building, she’d be a detective. Move over, Sherlock!

But her favorite movie is La Vita è Bella. She thinks it’s one of the best films of all time, “funny, action-packed and full of heart.” (Agreed! Sniffles; blows nose.)

Special Skills:

• Organization • Developing systems and processes


• Teleportation • Being an all-day person • Weekend baking • Cleaning and organizing

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