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Phase One - Discover+

Understanding where you are now and where you want to reach are the first steps to achieving the outcome you want. Our analysts conduct multiple in-depth SEO audits which zero-in on the issues facing your website right now. Once completed, we present to you an easy to understand diagnoses of your search engine performance and precisely what will get done for it to improve.

Campaign Onboarding

You have valuable knowledge about your industry, website and customers that our team needs to know to drive winning results for your organisation. We have a seamless onboarding questionnaire and intake meeting that helps us hack an understanding of your business very quickly.

Keyword Discovery

Gather intel and methodically analyse data to determine the search volume, competition, click-through opportunity and overall potential of the key phrases searched in your market. We typically examine thousands of potential keywords from multiple sources such as Google Search Console, website content, independent click-stream data and tools like Moz and SEMrush.

Keyword Identification

Establish then prioritise the main target keywords for inclusion in core page elements, along with Latent Semantic keyword variations (LSI keywords) for use in website content to increase page relevance and the overall number of keywords we can rank your website using.

Technical Audit

Technical SEO is the foundation for SEO success. We analyse your website to determine what needs to be fixed for better crawling, indexation and ranking of your website by search engine robots. Our in-depth audit covers dozens of critical factors like load time, Schema and mobile usability. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of optimum technical performance.

Usability Audit

This strategic audit done by your SEO Strategist looks at usability and usage factors such as website navigation, searcher task accomplishment and conveyance of expertise, authority and trust. We make recommendations to help users engage with your content, which in turn can aid higher rankings and more conversions.

Content Quality Audit

Google creates a “quality score” for your website and relies on it for deciding which webpages to rank. We’ve developed a proprietary audit that evaluates the quality of every page on your website and gives specific actions to take to improve it.

Phase Two - Plan+
Phase Three - Improve+
Phase Four - Promote+
Phase Five - Evaluate+

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