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Our proprietary 5 phase process

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Understanding where you are now and where you want to reach are the first steps to achieving the outcome you want. Our analysts conduct multiple in-depth SEO audits which zero-in on the issues facing your website right now. Once completed, we present to you an easy to understand diagnoses of your search engine performance and precisely what will get done for it to improve.

Campaign Onboarding

You have valuable knowledge about your industry, website and customers that our team needs to know to drive winning results for your organisation. We have a seamless onboarding questionnaire and intake meeting that helps us hack an understanding of your business very quickly.

Keyword Discovery

Gather intel and methodically analyse data to determine the search volume, competition, click-through opportunity and overall potential of the key phrases searched in your market. We typically examine thousands of potential keywords from multiple sources such as Google Search Console, website content, independent click-stream data and tools like Moz and SEMrush.

Keyword Identification

Establish then prioritise the main target keywords for inclusion in core page elements, along with Latent Semantic keyword variations (LSI keywords) for use in website content to increase page relevance and the overall number of keywords we can rank your website using.

Technical Audit

Technical SEO is the foundation for SEO success. We analyse your website to determine what needs to be fixed for better crawling, indexation and ranking of your website by search engine robots. Our in-depth audit covers dozens of critical factors like load time, Schema and mobile usability. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of optimum technical performance.

Usability Audit

This strategic audit done by your SEO Strategist looks at usability and usage factors such as website navigation, searcher task accomplishment and conveyance of expertise, authority and trust. We make recommendations to help users engage with your content, which in turn can aid higher rankings and more conversions.

Content Quality Audit

Google creates a “quality score” for your website and relies on it for deciding which webpages to rank. We’ve developed a proprietary audit that evaluates the quality of every page on your website and gives specific actions to take to improve it.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We use extensive insights and data acquired during the Discover phase to get clear on what’s working and what’s not in your vertical. Through this procedure, we formulate the very best plan of attack for your campaign and create a multi-channel SEO strategy that drives maximum results.

Content Ideation

Conduct research to uncover the “hot topics” that drive the most engagement, links and social shares in your market. Armed with research that tells us what already works, we identify ways to improve top-performing content for even better results.

Content Calendar Development

We transform those topics into content ideas and share titles with you for your approval. Once approved, we schedule the content pieces into a calendar which is good for at least 6-months of content.

Design Mockups

Our talented design team turn the usability analysis into design visuals that show you exactly how the modifications will look on your site. Design improvements may include navigation, expertise-authority-trust (EAT), call-to-actions, layout and a host of other elements. Our number one goal is to improve how search engine users engage with your website and drive more leads and sales through your business.

Promotion Strategy Development

During this step, we analyse your content assets and website in-depth to assess then develop a custom promotion strategy for your business. This bespoke strategy will layout the pages we are going to target, the optimum distribution of links and even the anchor text we will use in backlinks from third-party sites to your own. No two websites are the same, and your custom promotion strategy will reflect the unique requirements of your business.

With so much content to choose from online, the only way to stand out is to have high-quality content that informs, educates and inspires your audience to action. Our designers and content creators put audience engagement first – our goal is to improve your existing content and create new content your audience and search engines will love.

Snippet Optimisation

Optimise the snippets (page titles and description text) shown when your webpages display in search engines. Effectively optimised page titles improve rankings and increase clicks to your site. Webpages that have higher click-through rates also rank higher as Google deems them more relevant to users. In short, compelling snippets drive improved rankings and more website visits.

Header Tag Optimisation

Write page headline and sub-headlines which we often optimise with keywords. Engaging headlines keep people on your site, which in turn, drives higher rankings and more conversions for your business.

URL Optimisation

Reconstruct your website URLs to be search engine friendly and describe the content on your page. Using descriptive URLs containing your target keywords is a positive ranking signal that can help you win greater visibility in search engine results pages.

Image Optimisation

Optimise file names and alternate text for images so, search engines better understand what images on your site depict. Image optimisation improves the overall relevancy of your page, helping you rank better in web results as well as show up near the top of Google Images for image searches.

Content Enhancement

Expand and improve the content on your webpages to best answer user searches. This detailed process goes beyond keyword seeding to identify the information users seek when they turn to Google, then ensures your content answers their queries better than your competitors. Since Google wants to rank the best content first, we work to put your content, and with it your website on top.

Technical Optimisation

Fix the technical issues identified in the Discover phase to aid improved crawling, indexation and rankings. Our development team will perform these fixes via your content-management-system and where appropriate your website code.

Usability Improvements

Our developers and copywriters get to work implementing the usability improvements laid out in the Plan phase. These modifications are made directly to your site so that search engines account for them immediately and ranking changes occur. We then track the changes to measure their impact on performance. As a result, further enhancements may get identified and scheduled for later in the project plan.

Google My Business Optimisation

We enhance your Google My Business (GMB) page or create and claim a new listing if you don’t already have one. The GMB optimisation process includes a business description, category, image, review and contact information improvement. With our help, your business will win more visibility in Google Maps and the main search results inside the Google local pack.

When it comes to SEO, content and links are the biggest driver of results. We use an organic, handcrafted, outreach-driven approach to content promotion that ensures the links and mentions we acquire for your website are “white-hat,” Google approved and deliver winning results that last. From outbound emails to pitching reports and blogger outreach, we use cutting edge yet safe link building strategies to maximise your business’s short and long term success.

Pillar Content Creation

Google loves fresh and informative content, and we give them what they want. Following the content calendar developed in the Plan phase, we produce pillar content such as list posts, go-to guides and infographics and add them your blog each month. This valuable content makes your website more relevant and attracts visitors and links back to your site. The result? Signals get created that inform Google your website is useful and should be ranked high up in the results.

Outreach Email Setup

Set up an email account in your name which we use for contacting bloggers, and website owners so we can secure backlink opportunities for your site. By sending emails on your behalf, we establish instant credibility with other experts in your field, which results in more opportunities and more links.

Links from authoritative websites means your website increases in authority. We prospect for link opportunities using dozens of proven or proprietary methods such as the Renovation Link Building, Content Curation Link Building, Image Asset Link Building, Guest Blogging and more. Our approach is tested and proven and very successful in acquiring highly targeted and contextual backlinks from authority sources mostly between DA 30 and DA 60 but often as high as DA 80 or more.

Score & Prioritise Opportunities

Not all links are equal. We evaluate and prioritise each link building opportunity using a range of metrics including ranking keywords, organic traffic, organic traffic trends, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Sound like SEO jargon to you? Don’t worry. All you need to know is we have modelled the signals Google use to assess link value and focus our efforts on winning you the most valuable, rank improving links possible.

Personalised Email Outreach

After gathering website owners contact information, our outreach managers email the target contacts using custom personalised messages. Our team send thousands of emails per month, and we know how to word emails to maximise response. Our emails convert to live links at exceptionally high rates, which means more backlinks and more top rankings for you.

Guest Content Creation

We work with the target websites to craft content that engages their audience and positions you as an expert in your field. Each piece of guest content we produce is high-quality, informative and well researched and contains links back to your website, which aid ranking in search engines.

Guest Content Approval

Once written, each piece of guest content gets shared with you for review. If you wish to make changes, you can. As soon as you are happy, we send the approved content to the target website, and it gets added to the sites editorial queue for publishing.

Guest Content Publishing

Most websites publish your content within a matter of days after approval, but other sites can take weeks or even months if they are popular. As soon as your guest content is live, we share the links with you and encourage you to share the posts to social media. Every piece of content that’s published increases brand awareness and drives valuable traffic, backlinks and most importantly ranking benefit to your site.

Everything we do for your campaign gets shared with you and accessible in real-time. Just login to your client portal and review campaign progress, reports and deliverables all organised in easy to understand dashboards. Nothing we do flies under the radar, you have complete access to your campaign when working with us. You’ll always be in touch with a team of SEO experts to review your campaign at any time. As for us, we strategically review your campaign every single month, then make changes to maximise your results.

Google Analytics Configuration

What gets measured gets managed. We check and configure Google Analytics code for tracking and measurement of marketing results.

Keyword Discovery

Gather intel and methodically analyse data to determine the search volume, competition, click-through opportunity and overall potential of the key phrases searched in your market. We typically examine thousands of potential keywords from multiple sources such as Google Search Console, website content, independent click-stream data and tools like Moz and SEMrush.

Google Analytics Goals Set Up

Rankings are important, but conversions are what matter. We set up Google Analytics goals to record conversions through your site like purchases, contact form fills or telephone calls.

Reporting Setup (Multiple Tools)

We create a live reporting dashboard using various tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMrush and Majestic SEO and share with you so you can monitor performance in real-time. Via your dashboard, you’re able to access your most important marketing data from anywhere at any time.

Report On Impressions Acquired

Monthly measurement and evaluation of the number of times your webpages are shown in results pages when a user searches a keyword/query relating to your website. Our goal is to improve your visibility month-over-month because more visibility leads to more people visiting your site.

Report On Clicks Acquired

Monthly measurement and evaluation of the number of times your website listing is clicked on by a user from the search results and to which pages using which keywords. We carefully monitor the performance of pages and keywords then optimise them for ever-improving outcomes.

Report On Goal Conversions

Monthly measurement and evaluation of the number of conversions such as contact form fill, newsletter signups or telephone calls generated. We get laser-focused on measuring – then improving – goal completions that enhance your bottom line.

Assess and Improve

Our monthly performance reviews identify the things that are working well – and those that are not. We adapt our SEO strategy using actual campaign data and focus more of our effort on high impact areas for better longterm results.

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