Claire Dangalan

Content Editor

English, Filipino, Kapampangan

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Claire is a force to be reckoned with in the field of editing and writing.

An A.B. English graduate from Saint Louis University with additional mass communication and master’s degree units under her belt, Claire has written various forms of content for different niches over the years. Her talent and experience in writing fuel her passion for and success in writing and editing.

Claire’s writing and editing prowess enabled her to work for various companies and organisations, including Gulf News, Ananke Magazine, and Friday Magazine in Dubai, to name a few.

As a content editor for SEO Sherpa, Claire puts her keen eye for detail to constant use by proofreading and polishing content written by in-house writers and, occasionally, by the clients themselves. Her research and proofreading skills, and creative thinking result in well-crafted, engaging content that hits the mark.

The Fun

A self-confessed morning person, Claire usually starts the day with an early run for a natural adrenaline rush. Her morning runs also serve as her training since she joins marathons and ultramarathons every year.

Claire’s spirit animal is the octopus. She relates to this cephalopod since it’s usually misunderstood and there’s an air of mystery around it. She’s also a fur mom and animal lover with five dogs (all adopted, two are rescues) and nine cats (all rescues), and feeds around 20 community cats in their cul-de-sac every day.  

If Claire can ask for one superpower, she wants to ‌travel through time, and maybe finish a novel she started writing in 2010.

When Claire feels down, she remembers the famous Persian adage, “This, too, shall pass.” It gives her the motivation she needs to power through difficult times.

Special Skills:

• Writing and research • Editing and proofreading


• Running for a minute with eyes closed • Mimicking voices and lip synching

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