Shailaja “Shai” Prashanth

Lead SEO Copywriter

Malayalam, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Shai started out as a print advertising copywriter back when the internet was something you dialed up on your landline. From working with ad agencies and tech- and product-led companies to freelancing, she has seen communication evolve. 

Over the last few years, she has turned her focus to UX writing and research, and is continually learning more about user journeys and behavior.

In her last role, Shai led a digital copy team, managing and mentoring a team of English and Arabic copywriters from across the UAE, India and Egypt, working on 7 leading e-commerce sites. 

Now, as one of SEO Sherpa’s talented copywriters, she uses her two decades of experience to create bespoke content strategies for clients, optimizing copy for SEO and UX.

Shai is passionate about the craft of writing and can recite her favorite headlines and copy from memory.

The Fun

Shai is happiest when her nose is buried in a book. (No surprise there!) 

Friends would describe her as quiet, but certainly no pushover. She also loves her kids, art galleries, cafes, music and fashion.

If she weren’t working as a kick-ass copywriter, Shai sees herself dabbling in the arts. Earning a degree in museum curation is one thing that has piqued her curiosity.

Speaking of curiosity, Shai in animal form would most likely be a cat!

A couple of things that grinds Shai’s gears: kung fu films and the fact that she’d prefer to be much sportier.

Being a vegetarian (who eats no creatures with eyes or a face or the ability to guilt meat eaters into ditching their burgers for a salad), Shai doesn’t really have a solid contribution in the “weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten” department. (Although some would say that a vegetarian diet is weird enough as it is.)

Her superpowers of choice? Empathy (something that the world needs more of now indeed) and the ability to provide all kids with a good education.

Words that Shai lives by: “Always find wonder! I think that’s what allows you to stay the course, year after year.”

Special Skills:

• Advertising • Internal Communications


• Staying curious and finding wonder in all things • Devouring books and crime/thriller shows

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