Sam Bonner

Account Manager

English, Filipino

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Years of experience

The Serious

After finishing his AS/A2 Levels with A* grades in AS and A2 ICT at Tendring Technology College in 2015, Sam began working in the SEO field in earnest, first as a search engine optimization specialist and then as an online marketing manager for a web design company.

From there, Sam accumulated more experience in SEO, ultimately landing a job as a technical SEO specialist at SEO Sherpa in 2022. Today, Sam’s strong SEO background serves him, SEO Sherpa, and our clients well in his current role as account manager.

The fact that Sam lives and breathes SEO makes it easier for him to propose solutions that help ensure clients’ SEO goals are on track and achievable.

The Fun

Sam is a nocturnal dynamo and red panda enthusiast, exuding chill vibes with sudden bursts of energy, much like his favorite furry counterpart. Armed with a love for cold Coca-Cola on hot days, Sam’s beverage loyalty knows no bounds. 

A film and media aficionado at heart, he’d be scripting Hollywood dreams if not mastering the SEO game at SEO Sherpa. Sam’s dream super power? Extreme speed – because who wouldn’t want to dash and beat Road Runner at his own game? 

Beyond the digital landscape, Sam’s philanthropic heart beats for nature reserves, and if he struck gold, he’d fund his parents’ early retirement. A true supporter, he finds joy in championing his loved ones’ ambitions. 

A connoisseur of life’s pleasures, Sam loves his two dogs and muscle cars as well as music, gaming, and golf. Meanwhile, his pet peeves include seafood, crowded places, heights, and long queues that test his patience. 

His realistic outlook, best summed up by his favorite saying “Make your bed every morning when you wake up. That way, if you have a bad day, you know that at least you’ll have a good night’s sleep and that bad day will be behind you,” guides him through his life’s lows and highs, including working on award-winning SEO campaigns. 

As Sam dreams of a cross-country adventure on Route 66 with friends, he continues to exemplify realism, resilience, and a zest for the good things in life. 

After all, a well-made bed can cure many woes.

Special Skills:

• Technical SEO • Client management


• Making his bed • Empathy

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