Christina Manning

Meet the Sherpa

Christina Manning

Senior Account Manager


The Serious

Praised for her intelligence, focus, initiative, and ability to solve problems on her own, Christina has built a thriving career in marketing, working in events, graphic design, online sales, and with companies like Beaverbrooks, Thomson Reuters and Thrift for Good.

Christina charted her path to success early on by being an A student, studying art and design, and finishing her BA (Hons) in Fashion and Brand Management at the University of Central Lancashire.

Today, Christina’s hard work and contribution to the SEO Sherpa team makes her a true asset to the company as it gears up for further growth.

The Fun

A bona fide night person, Christina says that if she were an animal, she’d choose to be a lion because of their elegance (is this her fashion background talking?) and their ability to lead and care for their pack, especially the lionesses.

And did you know that she’d love to be in the army because she likes (and this is a direct quote) “the idea of doing obstacle courses all day and being super fit.” She’s also into learning new things, like French, playing the guitar and poi dancing.

When asked about who she’d share a windfall of a million dollars with, Christina has an easy answer: her twin sister who’s also her best mate and soul sister. Sweet!

Oh, and did we mention Christina is happiest when she’s outdoors and helping people?

Let’s get in line, then! 🙂