Daniel Kiely

Meet the Sherpa

Daniel Kiely

Technical SEO


The Serious

For the past nine years, Daniel’s been steeped in the SEO business – both in-house and on the agency side, working with a range of clients in virtually every industry.

His fascination for SEO stems from the way it entails both a scientific and creative approach to strike a balance and get the formula right.

Of course, the constant changes in the goalposts, algorithms, rules and such in the world of SEO and the world of digital marketing keep Daniel on his toes – something he enjoys as part of the continuous learning process.

The Fun

Daniel likes to stay active by starting his day with CrossFit and playing Gaelic football or GAA in Qatar, after which he eats like a robot – usually eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week, although he does strive to have some variations.

Given the chance, Daniel wants to eliminate world hunger – something he’ll probably be able to help with by using his one super power: flying J

Daniel’s growth in his SEO career could probably be attributed to his favorite adage: “Hard work pays off.”

Then again, his hard work didn’t really pay off when he once worked for Lindt (yum for some!), selling chocolates to different shops in rural Ireland. He only lasted for three months in that job – something Daniel can probably laugh at now that he’s done quite well for himself.