Faraz Ahmed

SEO Specialist

Urdu and English

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The Serious

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Faraz has been immersed in the world of SEO for over four years. He earned an SEO specialization degree from UC Davis and has since been on a mission to help brands boost their online visibility and translate it into consistent growth.

A self-starter and a savvy tactician, Faraz is analytical in his approach, putting data and hard facts at the heart of his client work. With his SEO, content marketing, link building, analytics, and keyword research skills, he’s a veritable Swiss army knife of SEO know-how and a valuable addition to the SEO Sherpa team.

Faraz is passionate about organization and documentation. He has a knack for optimizing sheets and processes for a smoother workflow (and we love it!).

The Fun

If Faraz weren’t the SEO wizard he is, his dream job is to be a private investigator or an intelligence agent, where he can use his powers of deduction to solve mysteries and put wrongs to right (221B Baker Street — anyone?). 

And given the chance to perform one great deed for the world, and it’s within his power to do it, Faraz would wage a one-man war against global illiteracy and give everyone access to education. 

He’s an avid gamer and a bona fide Call of Duty fan — a popular game that’s often his go-to choice for some downtime online. 

The weirdest food he’s ever tried is beef liver, and let’s just say he has no intention of trying it again anytime soon.

His happiest moments are when he spends time with his family (his parents, siblings, wife and son are the most important people in his life).

Special Skills:

• SEO strategy • Keyword research


• Super intelligence • Ability to infect others with happiness

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