Jinky Elizan

Senior Content Writer

Bikol, Filipino, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Jinky earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of the Philippines. She graduated with Latin honors.

She was also previously an instructor and lecturer in the university’s Los Baños, Laguna campus for almost two years. 

For over 15 years, Jinky has also honed her WordPress skills, working with PHP, HTML, CSS, and SCSS.

Jinky has extensive writing experience, having produced a wide range of content (articles, skyscrapers, and ebooks), copy (social media posts and ads, web pages, event names and slogans, posters, billboards, radio ads, product descriptions, branding and marketing, brochures, and press releases), and communication (letters, speeches, and memos).

No wonder she is a certified rockstar writer within the SEO Sherpa content team!

The Fun

Somewhere in the ether, there is a journal with Jinky’s childhood poems and first novel floating around. We may never get to read those, but we hope there are more literary masterpieces brewing inside her, just waiting to be written down.

If joyrides and long drives are your thing, Jinky is the best company to have. These are some of her favorite things, along with going on trips with her husband and adorable kids.

Ask her to tell you her “Knowledge is power” story. Just do it. (Perhaps at the next company meetup!)

Send the microphone her way when it’s karaoke time, too. Jinky loves to sing and was once part of the University of the Philippines Vocal Ensemble.

Special Skills:

• WordPress website development • Public speaking


• Her always-sunny personality and positive approach to each day • Readiness to belt out a tune

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