Jhoanalyn Molina

Meet the Sherpa

Jhoanalyn Molina

Account Manager


The Serious

Perhaps not a lot of people know it, but Jhoan is a psychology graduate from Saint Louis University in Baguio City – one of the biggest and most prestigious universities north of Manila.

Although Jhoan isn’t working as a psychologist, HR manager or guidance counselor, she’s able to put whatever psychology knowledge she gained in college to good use as an account manager at SEO Sherpa.

Here, she applies her diligence and exemplary people skills to carry out her responsibilities and work with the SEO Sherpa team, while also taking very good care of each client’s needs.

ast nine years, Daniel’s been steeped in the SEO business – both in-house and on the agency side, working with a range of clients in virtually every industry.

The Fun

A bona fide morning person, it’s no wonder Jhoan identifies best with the eagle, reminding one of that adage about the early bird catching the biggest worm. To Jhoan, however, it’s the gentle motherly attributes of the eagle that resonate with her.

In the mornings, Jhoan is in her element, especially when she’s alone as, according to her, this is the time when she is most productive. Her being a morning person is no accident either as Jhoan grew up harvesting coffee in her grandpa’s place where they would also pound the coffee beans manually and brew it as early as four in the morning. And this is probably why she loves coffee.

And like any true blue Lord of the Rings fan, Jhoan dreams of visiting the Waikato region south of Auckland in New Zealand – the setting for The Shire of the Hobbits in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of JRR Tolkien’s classic novels.

Jhoan also wishes she could fly to fulfill her Wonder Woman fantasy. Someday, maybe.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear her sing again over karaoke 🙂