Romina Khodr

SEO Specialist

English, Arabic, French

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Romina, an alumna of the American University of Science and Technology, majored in communication and advertising. Her studies there laid the foundation for her success in various fields, including media production and marketing. For the past 8 years at SEO Sherpa, Romina has focused explicitly on SEO, playing a key role as a bilingual SEO specialist.

Romina has taken charge of the Arabic websites for various regional and global brands, including Pretty Little Thing, Farfetch, Faces, Damac, Yas Island, Al Futtaim Malls, Al Ansari and more, as a bilingual SEO specialist.

Her responsibilities encompass devising SEO audits and strategies, conducting keyword research, optimizing on-page content and enhancing the search experience specifically for users in the Arabic-speaking region.

The Fun

Have you ever met someone with a tattoo of “this too shall pass” and is happiest onboard a plane? Well, that’s Romina for you.

Unlike the rest of us, Romina doesn’t categorize herself as a morning or night person; she’s an all-day person. 

She does love mornings in general – especially when it’s bright and sunny outside; the kind of weather a lioness – the animal Romina likens herself to – would certainly enjoy. 

And like a lioness, Romina says she ‘won’t die easily LOL’ – after all, she can be tough beneath her friendly, generous exterior.

Romina is devoted to her family and admires her grandma very much for being her own boss. She loves traveling, meeting new people and trying different cuisines (she already tried eating frogs!) – which is why she wishes she could fly for the convenience it offers.

If you ever get the chance to travel with Romina, keep her away from stingy people, gyms and fitness trainers, and cow’s milk and plain yogurt because she’s not a fan of those.

Special Skills:

• PR, marketing and events • SEO and SEM


• Ending all conflicts in the Middle East as a peacemaker • Speaking in French while poi dancing

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