Muhammed Zahi Naushad

Junior SEO Specialist

English, Hindi, Arabic

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

An alumnus of the Emirates Aviation University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Software Engineering, Zahi, as he is fondly called, fully immersed himself in the information technology sphere since his days as an intern at Emirates.

However, it was during his stint as a social media coordinator at a dining establishment that Zahi got a firsthand taste of the complex and interesting world of digital marketing and branding – something he continues to specialize in alongside the technicalities of SEO.

Zahi actually started out as an intern at SEO Sherpa in 2022. After demonstrating his drive, excellent work ethic, commitment to his role, and his love for learning, Zahi was formally engaged as a full-time junior SEO specialist at SEO Sherpa immediately after finishing his internship.

These days, Zahi uses his extensive knowledge of digital marketing and strong IT foundation in helping our clients achieve their SEO goals.

The Fun

A certified outdoorsy night person, Zahi loves camping in the desert under the stars. It wouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Zahi would be out there exploring the world, seeking new adventures and experiences, and perhaps even discovering uncharted territories – all while using his desired superpower of teleportation; that is, if he weren’t working at SEO Sherpa.

While Zahi identifies with the jaguar, navigating through the vast landscape of the digital realm with precision and agility, always ready to pounce on new opportunities, we think that if you add his V60 barista skills into the mix, you’d have one very interesting, weird coffee-loving jungle animal.

A true coffee aficionado, Zahi confesses to enjoying the process of grinding and brewing his own iced V60 coffee from 100% Arabica beans so much that it’s an essential part of his daily ritual, setting the tone for each day and fueling his energy.           

So, coffee in hand, Zahi takes on every day with his favorite quote from John Keating of Dead Poets Society: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” 

And he does.

But we do want to sample that coffee.

Special Skills:

• Keyword research • Technical audits


• Grinding and brewing iced V60 coffee • Cooking and dune bashing

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