Raheil Inaim

Bilingual SEO Copywriter

Arabic, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Raheil studied Criminology at Simon Fraser University with the initial goal of getting a law degree. However, after graduating, she decided to venture towards a different path and pursue a master’s degree in Marketing from King’s College London. Here, she is learning to apply a data-driven and human-centered approach to brand building, value creation, and communication. 

She has worked for leading UAE brands such as CAFU and Service Market, and her most recent role was agency creative copywriter for LG Electronics MEA.

The various clients Raheil has handled are spread across the tech, social media, fashion, and other sectors across the MEA region and beyond. Her impressive skills range from UX writing to creative concept creation to video production.

Raheil’s goal is to lead brands and help them connect with their audiences, solve their problems, and achieve their objectives. SEO Sherpa is thrilled to have her as a fantastic addition to the team!

The Fun

If Raheil weren’t the stellar Bilingual SEO Copywriter she is right now, she would love to be an artist who creates things that other people can experience. 

The most exotic food she has tried is escargot (fancy snails!), and the dish she absolutely loves is waraq dawali

People who are close to Raheil would describe her as the member of the group who takes on the “mom” role of making sure everyone is okay (great to keep in mind at the next company meetup!). And she can sleep practically anywhere!

On the other hand, Raheil herself highlights her strongest personality traits as caring about details and talking to strangers in public. 

As of this writing, Raheil admits she is obsessed with a certain (still undisclosed) niche community on YouTube and spends most of her free time listening to videos about it. That’s got our curiosity piqued!

Special Skills:

• Film Production • Video Post-Production • Production Management


• User Experience (UX) Writing • Creative Ideation • Market Research

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