Oscar Scolding

Meet the Sherpa

Oscar Scolding

Account Manager


The Serious

Oscar’s role in SEO Sherpa has taken him from the UK to Dubai.

As an Account Manager, Oscar handles a team of SEO and PPC specialists that deliver on multiple segments within SEO, including technical, content strategy and creation, along with third-party publications and link building.

He started building his digital marketing career with a number of UK-based agencies such as Voodoo Creative Agency, Absolute Digital Media and Coast Digital. (Oscar was hailed as Coast Digital’s Rising Star of the Year in 2019.)

With a broad and impressive background in SEO, Social Media, Display Advertising, PPC, Email and CRO & UX strengthened over the past 6 years, Oscar is a compelling force managing the strategy behind some of SEO Sherpa’s premium SEO and PPC accounts.

The Fun

Oscar is a true-blue nature nut. To him, nothing’s more satisfying than to escape noisy, bustling crowds (in supermarkets, especially) and simply bliss out while exploring jungles, forests — any place in the great outdoors.

If he weren’t one of SEO Sherpa’s stellar account managers, Oscar would prefer to be a marine biologist — and helping to clean up the oceans is his dream.

Nothing holds this free spirit down. Should he wake up as an animal one day, the high-flying eagle, free from predators, is his natural choice. 

But if he’s to remain human, with one superpower? Teleportation it is, for speedy travels around the world.

Close friends would describe Oscar as “chatty.” Do you concur?

Here’s a fun game to try next Friday night out with the team (where he’ll be drinking juice, since he’s cutting back on alcohol  — good for you, mate). Point to any country’s flag and Oscar will identify it in five seconds or less!