John Diomidous

Meet the Sherpa

John Diomidous

Senior SEO Strategist


The Serious

As the Senior SEO Strategist at SEO Sherpa, John is responsible for articulating to and facilitating SEO and best practices with SEO Sherpa clients – from small startups to large B2B enterprises.

An alum of the University of Bedfordshire where he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Media Production, John spent over 11 years of his career journey in a variety of roles, including jobs in recruitment, business and media development and sales.

John’s multifaceted work experience is instrumental in shaping his engaging communication style that continues to win over and delight SEO Sherpa clients and impress his colleagues. His profound understanding of what clients want and keen insight into their pain points, as well as his positive approach to resolving issues make John a true asset of the company.

The Fun

Like his spirit animal, the badger, John is nocturnal. And you won’t believe what other similarities they share:

  • They both have excellent hearing – which is probably why they’re great at communicating.
  • They both have old (ancient) souls.
  • They have very particular hygiene rituals (like John changing clothes 4 times a day!).
  • They share a keen attention to detail.

When asked about the stuff he loves, here’s the tea on John:

  • What he loves about himself is his ability to memorize the lines of different characters in Quentin Tarantino movies (wow!).
  • John would be a marine biologist if he weren’t an SEO strategist today because he loves the sea and everything in it.
  • Friday evenings are the best for John; in fact, that’s when he’s happiest.
  • John’s three great loves: staying fit, food he’s not allowed to eat, and his bed.

Meanwhile, John’s pet peeves are: other drivers, people that don’t wipe down the gym equipment, people that put “public figure” in their Instagram bio, and cardio.