Ramon Sumabal

PPC Manager

English, Cebuano, Filipino

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Years of experience

The Serious

Ramon is a highly experienced PPC manager at SEO Sherpa, where he has been driving successful digital marketing campaigns since March 2018. Using his solid background in PPC and SEM, Ramon has honed his skills across diverse roles and industries. His career began at Interweb Tech Services, progressing through roles at Outstanding ROI and Author Solutions Inc., where he specialized in PPC advertising and lead generation.

Prior to joining SEO Sherpa, he managed AdWords accounts at SUMERO MEDIA, where he delivered significant improvements in client ad performance. He also held positions such as digital marketing manager at Customer Benefits Services and digital media buyer/SEM manager at Addspro Inc. in Singapore, where he promoted third-party offers through dedicated affiliate channels, PPC, CPM, CPV ad networks, mobile ad networks, and real-time bidding management platforms (RTBs). Here, he showcased his versatility and expertise in digital media buying and search engine marketing. 

Ramon holds a B.S. in Customs Administration from the University of Cebu. 

His extensive digital marketing experience and strategic approach make Ramon a valuable asset to the company.

The Fun

A morning person whose energy is as boundless as his generosity, Ramon thinks that if he were an animal, he’d be a loyal dog — steadfast in any situation. His beverage preference is simple: soda first, followed by water. These drinks fuel his busy days in digital marketing. Ramon’s educational background in customs administration hints at an alternate career path in shipping lines, a trade he learned from his father.

Ramon’s a history buff with dreams of time travel. He also aspires to unite world leaders and eradicate global conflicts. If he had a million dollars, he’d share it with his wife and mother, demonstrating his love for family and giving nature. Ramon’s generosity shines brightest when he stops to help those in need, providing food and money to the elderly on the streets.

He finds his greatest happiness in being with his wife and two adorable kids, enjoying family outings to the mall, beach, or just driving around. Despite his adventurous spirit (he’s tried crocodile sausage!), Ramon prefers positivity and shuns negativity. Described as a “dark horse” by colleagues, he has a knack for surprising clients with his successes.

Ramon dreams of owning a house for his family and he’s confident he’ll achieve it, perfectly embodying his favorite quote: “Failure is not an option.”

Special Skills:

• SEM • Digital Marketing


• Generosity • Knowledge of history

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