Phil Dukarsky

Director of Client and User Experience

Phil Dukarsky


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Years of experience

The Serious

Phil finished his Bachelor’s in English at Carleton University and earned his Diploma in Journalism at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada.

His experience in copywriting and journalism spans 14 years. Phil’s path began in Ottawa and Montreal, working at Algonquin Times, Media Q Inc., Ottawa Regional Media Group, CapitMedia, and Crow & Barker.

Phil started a new chapter in his career upon moving to Dubai. In 2016, he took on the role of Head of Copy for the Landmark Group, tasked with building an English and Arabic copy team from scratch for a rapidly growing e-commerce business. In 4 years, the team went from writing for one country (UAE) to writing for 9 brands across 7 countries (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi, India, Qatar, and Egypt). 

From there, Phil became Senior Copywriter and Editor for EWINGS LLC. As the company’s sole writer and content strategist, he was responsible for all touchpoints, including speechwriting, ATL and BTL marketing, radio & TV scripts, press releases, UX/UI, media monitoring & relations, internal comms, social media content, FAQs, IVR scripts, and more.

Today, Phil’s putting his solid copy background, serious writing chops, and impressive people skills to great use as SEO Sherpa’s Director of Content and UX.

The Fun

If Phil weren’t a rockstar copywriter today, he pictures himself owning a small neighborhood pub where he can tend a bar, meet new people, and swap stories with his loyal patrons.

Some interesting Phil facts: He only recently learned how to swim and has yet to learn how to ride a bike. (Could be fun “try a new activity” ideas for future Sherpa meet-ups?)

People close to Phil describe him as reliable and funny. (We agree!) And you can count on him to have plenty of fun trivia to share about sports, movies, and music.

For Phil, mayonnaise is the enemy, and teleportation would be the key to more enjoyable travels worldwide.

Special Skills:

• Speech, script and copywriting• UX and conversion rate optimization


• A logical, level-headed approach to challenges• Fierce loyalty to his pack

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