Phil Dukarsky

Meet the Sherpa

Phil Dukarsky

Lead SEO Copywriter


The Serious

Phil’s experience in copywriting and journalism spans 14 years, with his career path taking him from Ottawa and Montreal all the way to Dubai.

He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in English at Carleton University and earned his Diploma in Journalism at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Today, Phil’s putting his solid copy background, serious writing chops and people skills to good use as SEO Sherpa’s Lead SEO Copywriter where he says he’s also learning more about the technical side of SEO.

The Fun

Phil’s a bona fide night owl – although he does aspire to be a lion – which shouldn’t be hard because he’s loyal and level-headed.

Ever the softie, devoted son and grandkid, Phil would love to share the wealth of the developed countries with less-developed nations around the world, and allow them to rule themselves and determine their own wealth distribution. Wow, this must be Phil’s version of Utopia – or something close to it!

And if he weren’t working at SEO Sherpa, Phil would probably be running his own small neighborhood pub and bartending. 

He’d also be giving cocktails away (or beers, at least) while listening to sob stories all night long 😊 After all, Phil enjoys meeting new people and listening to their stories.

Awww, that’s super nice!