Cathee Asulin

Executive Assistant

English, Afrikaans

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Cathee began her career in marketing, procurement, and development in her home city of Johannesburg, South Africa, where she worked in the construction and property development industry for 6 years.

In 2018, she moved to Dubai and worked as an accounts and executive assistant for a global pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Cathee then successfully balanced work with her bachelor’s degree at Middlesex University Dubai, where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Education Studies, focusing on UK Education Policy, Equality, Inclusion, and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in 2022.

Now that Cathee’s with SEO Sherpa as the executive assistant, she’s making full use of her array of experience in supporting the company’s goal of keeping its place as one of the premier SEO agencies in the UAE and beyond.

The Fun

Referring to herself as a ‘massive night owl’ who enjoys her morning cuppa joe, Cathee likens herself to a big cat (unspecified) whose qualities of being majestic, strong and fearless she admires, as they know when to pounce at the opportunity to get what they want. (Just keep her away from deep bodies of water as she can’t swim.)

It’s no wonder‌ that Cathee’s focus and determination combined with her optimism and resilience have carried her through as she builds a successful career in the competitive Dubai job market.

But, according to Cathee, if she weren’t at SEO Sherpa, she’d probably be teaching somewhere as she loves that feeling of knowing she can help mold young people into becoming the best versions of themselves (aww).

Given the chance, Cathee wants the power to be invisible and eradicate inequality. She can probably do all this while delivering her standup bit at Comedy Central and giving everyone a great time.

Seriously, though, we can all do with a laugh and we hope to see Cathee, the funny girl, in action someday soon!

Special Skills:

• Office management • Corporate communications


• Weightlifting • Comedy • Decluttering and organizing

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