Wesley Pestana

Meet the Sherpa

Wesley Pestana

SEO Specialist


The Serious

Wesley previously worked first as an Analytic Consultant and then a Senior Business Consultant for Nielsen in Johannesburg, South Africa for over two years. He honed his data analytics skills to improve the core KPI of large FMCG corporations like Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, and Philip Morris.

Later, he took the big leap and relocated to Dubai as one of Nielsen’s Senior Business Analysts. Here, he helped to improve media ROI for brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, GlaxoSmithKline, Ferrari World, Yas Island and more. 

Wesley also started firstcheckpoint.com, an online magazine-styled resource for motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts. He wrote about a wide range of topics, from dirt biking and motocross tips to Harleys and supermoto, offering a helpful guide for all riders.

Today, he brings his data analytics prowess across a diverse set of fields and clients, and keen eye for innovation, to excel as one of SEO Sherpa’s talented SEO Specialists.

The Fun

Wesley is our daredevil dirt biker Sherpa! He actually comes from a family of professional motorcycle racers.

No food is too fearsome for this one. Wesley has tried eating tarantula, alligator, camel and shark. He’s also sampled balut (Yes, the boiled fertilized duck egg, with a developing embryo inside! It’s a Philippine delicacy).

Grab a bite at McDonald’s with him on weekends – he’ll love it! And his signature drink on nights out is an Espresso Martini.

It’s not all adrenaline-pumping, high-octane action with Wesley. When he’s not blissfully savoring some much-valued solo time and private space, he’s outdoors appreciating a gorgeous sunset. 

Wesley dreams of exploring jungles and working to save animals. And if he had a superpower? He wants to be able to capture time (since you can never buy more of it). How awesome would it be to skip traffic or flight times!

What’s to come: Wesley aims to learn Spanish someday, or create and own a branded product or clothing line.