Andrea Baggio

Director of Performance

Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Carving out a career path seemingly far removed from one’s educational background may seem like a difficult feat, but Andrea’s ability to immerse himself fully in any field of interest has helped him succeed in whatever direction his work takes him. 

Initially focused on studying language and communication, Andrea’s stellar academic performance earned him the grade of summa cum laude in both his bachelor’s and master’s degree studies in Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at the Università degli Studi di Padova in Padua, Italy. 

From there, he started out initially as a freelance translator; that is, until his second job immersed him in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). From there, Andrea didn’t look back, fully embracing and growing in his SEO expertise, taking on varied roles as SEO lead, SEO manager, lead technical SEO, group SEO head, and now, SEO Sherpa’s Director of Performance. 

In his role, Andrea ensures that the commitment we make to our clients is on track, generating tangible results, and achieving (and even exceeding) set SEO objectives. He also built a custom-made tool designed to estimate the ROI of SEO campaigns for SEO Sherpa clients.

The Fun

True to his Italian roots, Andrea is a Renaissance man who’s got a finger in every pie (or nearly so). Aside from being a lover of all things SEO, language, and communication, Andrea was once an aspiring musician – a bass player to be precise. In fact, he was able to record an album that was distributed locally (we gotta get our hands on that!). He also wants to manage his own BnB by the beach. 

A morning person who enjoys having his espresso or cappuccino (at least until 11am), Andrea is fired up by the thought of being a beaver who builds stuff and fixes issues (with his dam and beyond!), and wants to have the power to teleport so he can come and go to any place as he pleases. 

Andrea’s other loves include Italian food, great wine, good company, travel, music, and family. He does, however, have a fear of heights, and spending hours shopping in a mall is one of his pet peeves. 

His proudest moment was when he became SEO lead and product owner of, and being hired as the director of performance at SEO Sherpa. 

But we’re excited to watch you play bass, Andrea… or just listen to your music as we enjoy our free cabana and cocktails at your beachside BnB!

Special Skills:

• SEO and SEM • Google Ads and analytics


• Bass playing • Translating Klingon to Italian

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