Farrah Khan

SEO Account Manager


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Years of experience

The Serious

Farrah has been an SEO Account Manager at SEO Sherpa since 2023.

She completed her Broadcast Media Technologies BA (Hons) degree, focused on Communication and Media Studies, from Leeds Beckett University. Here, she gained experience in online marketing, production and broadcasting whilst managing to acquire skills in Adobe Creative Suite.

Before coming to SEO Sherpa, Farrah was a Senior SEO Executive at List & Found in Manchester where she used data science to help clients achieve organic KPIs by developing simple and effective SEO strategies that help brands connect with the right customers.

She was also a Senior Technical SEO Executive at Click Consult (part of Ceuta Group) where she helped improve the technical health and user experience of five prominent client accounts in e-commerce and lead generation, including Tesco, Viessmann, and Start-Rite. 

With her experience and expertise in SEO, along with her undisputed leadership and management prowess, Farrah consistently proves to be a truly valuable asset to the team.

The Fun

A night person who loves catching sunsets and watching TV series late at night, Farrah has been making an effort to turn things around and become a morning person to delight in more sunrises.

What would Farrah love to do if she weren’t in her SEO Account Manager role? She says she’s obsessed with space and would love to be an astronaut!

Some of Farrah’s favorite things are beach walks, sunsets, Thai food, traveling, dates, cinema, and Johnny Depp.

She loved Spam when she was a kid, but now as a vegan, it’s the weirdest food she’s ever had.

What grinds Farrah’s gears? Slow-moving things  (walkers, drivers, speakers? LOL), tomatoes (?) and being cold.

One day, Farrah dreams of being able to drive, and her car of choice is a Wrangler.

Final fun facts about Farrah: She can twist her arm around 360 degrees, and she played the trumpet as a kid.

Special Skills:

• Account Management • Off-Page SEO • Technical SEO • Social Media Marketing • Keyword Research


• Broadcasting • Data Analytics • Brand Awareness • Video Production • Video Editing

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