Tevfik Mert Azizoğlu

Lead Technical SEO

Turkish, English

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Years of experience

The Serious

Mert holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has been in the SEO industry for over 10 years.

Previously, he was the SEO Director of Zeo Agency from Istanbul, Turkey, an agency of around 80 people with a 25-person SEO team. 

Some of Mert’s notable career milestones:

  • Nominated for “Young Search Professional Of The Year” at the European Search Awards 2018
  • Shortlisted for “Best Low Budget Campaign” with his SEO case at the UK Search Awards 2019
  • Shortlisted for the “Best Use of Search – Finance” with his SEO case at the European Search Awards 2020
  • Nominated for “Rising Star” at the UK Search Awards 2022
  • Won the “Best Consultant” award at MENA Search Awards 2022

Away from his day-to-day work at SEO Sherpa, Mert is a recognized speaker at global industry events.

Most recently, he gave talks at the Brighton SEO and International Search Summit conferences. He spoke about SEO automation – specifically, how Xpath, Google Sheets, Zapier, and N8N can be used together or what can be done with Apps Script.

The Fun

If Mert weren’t the SEO whiz he is today, he could picture himself as a chef (not that his cooking skills are exceptional, he says, but he loves the idea of serving his creations to others).

Regarding sports, Mert is interested in rugby, football, and basketball. One future goal of his is to watch a live rugby match.

He also loves listening to “freestyle” rap music and movie soundtracks.

The weirdest food Mert has tried is “Herring” at Rotterdam.

One great deed Mert would like to perform, given the means and the opportunity, is to give an equal education to all children without access to education. Alternatively, he would build human life outside the world. 

Mert is fond of this Turkish motto: “This job was given to me, and it will be remembered with me.”

It tells us that everything we do reflects our name, so we must do it with maximum quality.

Special Skills:

• Google Analytics
• Google Tag Manager
• Google Sheets, Apps Script, Xpath
• GPT-4
• Front-end development, CRO


• Creating tools that help people and make them happy
• Commanding attention as a conference speak

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