Omnia Genedy

Senior Outreach Manager

Arabic, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Omnia graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature (General).

Before becoming one of SEO Sherpa’s kick*ss Outreach Managers and awesome resident Arabic Content Writer, Omnia had previously taken on some great writing roles. For instance, she has worked as a journalist (trainee) At Egypt Today Magazine. 

Omnia was also a copywriter and content designer at Mash World, an online marketing company that hires top talent from Arab professionals around the world who contribute content, programming skills, graphic design and creative ideas, to ensure brands create an optimal digital presence.

The Fun

If Omnia weren’t in SEO Sherpa working her magic, she’d most likely be a woodworker. She loves the look and smell of wood, and using her hands to create something from scratch.

Her chosen superpower, if she were to be generously bestowed with one: Time travel! Omnia’s mad curious about people, their culture and customs, the food and art they loved, and how they spent their time during their time. The Pharaonic period, Greek era, and WWI and II eras are on top of her list.

Ever tasted kawarea soup? It’s a traditional Egyptian dish made of the muscles and cartilages in calves feet – and the most exotic food Omnia has ever tried.

One great deed she’d like to do for the world, if she could: Cancel borders between countries and ensure freedom of mobility for all.

Omnia’s favorite things: Prized stuff from childhood (Atari, cassette tapes, Walkman/radio, posters of Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys and other favorite artists), outdoor activities (hiking, camping, rock climbing, kitesurfing), and great books, films, and live music.

Her favorite quote: “Everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman’s an angel!” – From Footnote to Howl by Allen Ginsberg, which celebrates life and humans (as if everyday is a lifetime that we need to live to the fullest).

Special Skills:

• User Experience (UX) • Google Analytics


• Conquering outdoor adventures • Pop culture master

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