Hanna Muhammad

Account Manager

English, Arabic

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

A savvy professional with several years of experience in marketing, sales, customer service and communications, Hanna is a global history graduate of the Royal Holloway, University of London.

Throughout her career, Hanna has worked as a press intern, PR, media and marketing executive, sales associate and digital account manager.

Hanna’s well-rounded field experience, professionalism and leadership skills are now being put to good use at SEO Sherpa in her role as account manager where she manages a number of client accounts.

The Fun

According to Hanna, she’s an ‘afternoon person’ – if there’s ever such a thing. Although, she’s unsure if that would work if she were able to achieve her dream job of becoming a spy. Of course, Hanna’s tenacity would be an asset in espionage work.

However, because Hanna wants to give everyone access to a proper home, food and medicine, her sense of objectivity as a spy will surely be tested if she is overcome with emotion the moment she meets the poor minions of her enemies.

For sure, though, when she uses her persuasion super powers, Hanna can successfully talk herself out of any pickle, including maybe meeting her arch nemesis called ‘the gym’ which she utterly dislikes and avoids like the plague.

When she has time to pretend to be the Average Jane, Hanna says she’s outgoing, a bit of a drama queen but always up for a good time. Oh, and she loves her family and friends so much… and shopping, too 😊

Special Skills:

• Client management • Marketing and communication


• Awesome makeup skills • Charity

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