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We’re Honoured To Be Honoured – SEO Sherpa Brings Home Six Awards At MENA 2020 Search Awards


We’re absolutely over the moon to announce that we were awarded Best Large SEO Agency by the MENA 2020 Search Awards

Winning this award for the second time in three years means the world to us. And once again, we have eclipsed our previous record of four award wins, fantastically demonstrating our search marketing innovation and excellence.

Being recognized, once again, as the best SEO agency in the Middle East and North Africa region solidifies all of the hard work and effort we have put forward for our clients throughout the year. 

These wins have also solidified our position as a premier SEO agency on the global scale, enabling us to rank 14 in The Global Search Awards Top 100 Leaderboard

Alongside this prestigious achievement, the MENA Search Awards also awarded us top honors in the following categories:

  • Best Use of Search – Retail/E-Commerce (SEO)
  • Best Use of Search – B2B
  • Best Use of Search – Health
  • Best Use of Search – Automotive
  • Best Local Campaign

Despite the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, we strived to deliver the most superior customer experiences for our clients, this year. In fact, as part of our commitment to our clients, we provided complimentary services as part of our COVID-19 support program.

Something that did not go amiss by this year’s esteemed panel of judges. 

Best Large SEO Agency

In presenting the award for Best Large SEO Agency, SEO Sherpa was praised for its innovative and creative approach to developing search marketing expertise and smart organic SEO solutions in today’s increasingly challenging business climate.

“The overall presentation of this entry was very impressive. And as judges, we were really compelled by the company’s empathy for their staff and clients,” Judith Lewis, panel judge at the MENA Search Awards and Founder of Decabbit Consultancy.

“Focusing on how they helped customers and employees during COVID really won us over… Especially with their complimentary audits and other free elements for their clients. They really care, and they showed that in their entry.”

Best Use of Search – Retail/E-Commerce (SEO)

Our collaborative effort with Teckzu, a new e-commerce startup, was acknowledged as being “an impressive implementation” of SEO and showcased great organic results despite a limited budget and within a competitive niche. 

Beyond this award, we couldn’t be more proud to work with Teckzu. Their trust in our SEO services resulted in their e-commerce store seeing organic impressions and organic clicks jump by 3,182% and 1,550%, respectively. Transactions also grew by 1,933%, all within six months.

Best Use of Search – B2B

On presenting this award, the judges highlighted our “strong understanding of all of the components that constitute SEO strategy.” What’s more, judges commended our “ability to pivot strategy and maintain consistent performance” amidst unique COVID-19 challenges.

As part of this win, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic client, Yellow Branding, for trusting our process. With their support, we were able to deliver some solid results, outperforming established brand agencies in the search results.

Best Use of Search – Automotive

For this category, our three pillars “organic, expert, in-house” approach was in full display. By making significant improvements in SEO performance, our client, UAE Driving, experienced real-world value from the SEO campaign.

The judges praised our exemplary work despite the campaign’s small budget. 

Best Use of Search – Health

Winning this category was a great source of pride for us. When our client, Gulf Eye Centre, first approached us, their primary source of referral traffic came from passive word-of-mouth marketing. 

By helping our client build their online presence, we helped them grow their website visitors and, most importantly, leads. Positive results that did not go unnoticed by this year’s panel of judges.

MENA Search Awards Winner

We want to congratulate Gulf Eye Centre for this partnered win as their support in our SEO processes resulted in the significant growth of our client’s business.

Best Local Campaign

Like the award mentioned above, this nomination was only made possible with the collaborative work Gulf Eye Centre afforded us. As a leading eye specialist in Dubai, this Local SEO Campaign nomination was a sought-after category for us. 

The judges at this year’s MENA Search Awards seemed to wholeheartedly agree, calling our nomination “a well-executed campaign with impressive ROI.”

Winning six of the seven categories we were nominated for this year has filled us with immense joy. Plus the recognition of our peers, across a range of sectors, is a proud moment for us all.

Seeing the highly skilled team at SEO Sherpa being recognized in this manner is a testament to our unwavering focus on real-world, bottom-line value for our clients. 

About MENA Search Awards

The MENA Search Awards celebrate the expertise, talent and achievements of the search industry. It is regarded as the premier celebration of SEO, PPC and content marketing in the Middle East & North Africa. The awards are also open to those based elsewhere around the globe who are delivering work for the MENA market.

The effects of COVID-19 also meant that unlike previous years, the MENA 2020 Search Awards were held virtually via live stream on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

The selection process for the award recipients is a rigorous two-stage process that evaluates in detail all nominations and winning entries. 

The panel of esteemed judges at the MENA 2020 Search Awards include:

  • Olga Andrienko – Head of Global Marketing, SEMrush
  • Kevin Gibbons – CEO, RE:signal
  • Judith Lewis – Founder, Decabbit Consultancy
  • Akvile Pareigyte – Head of Digital Consulting, Voltlab
  • Tarek Reda – Founder, Blue Pencil Digital Marketing
  • Gilad Sasson – CEO, Nekuda Web Marketing Solutions
  • Nick Wilsdon – SEO Lead – Global Channel Optimisation, Vodafone Group
  • Murat Yatagan – SEO Consultant
  • Roberto Croci – Managing Director, Microsoft Startups MENA
  • Bastian Grimm – CEO & Co-Founder, Peak ACE AG
  • Neil Hardy – Head of Society E-Commerce, Midcounties Coop
  • Jennifer Hoffman – VP of Marketing, Banked
  • Umar Khan – Digital Marketing Manager, DAMAC Properties
  • Jaaved Khatree – Head of Digital, Pinpoint Media
  • Mark Knowles – CEO, Pixelsilk, Inc.
  • Edgar Liñayo – D2D Brand Manager, Nestlé
  • Yaron Marcus – CEO, Sellside Media
  • Jason Meininger – SEO Product Manager, Stepstone UK
  • Abdelaziz Mohammed – Marketing & E-Commerce Consultant
  • Chris Nightingale – PPC Manager,
  • Zbigniew Nowicki – Co-Managing Director, Bluerank
  • Michelle Souster – Digital Analytics Manager, Emirates
  • Tim Vickery – Group Head of SEO, Property Finder
  • Colin Woon – Head of SEO, CV-Library
  • Lukasz Zelezny – SEO Expert & Consultant 

For all of their hard work and effort in making this year’s virtual award ceremony a stunning success, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to this year’s staff, the panel of judges, and MENA Search Awards event sponsors. 

We would also like to take this time to congratulate all of the other award recipients and shortlist nominees at this year’s virtual ceremony such as Chain Reaction, Forward PMX, Artefact, and Jellyfish.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about all of the awards we’ve won, and are ready to experience similar award-winning results, get in touch today.

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