Teckzu SEO Case Study

by Karl Tablante • Updated: December 16, 2020

Teckzu Brand Logo

A new e-commerce startup based in the UAE, Teckzu specialises in selling manufacturer-certified pre-owned devices such as laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and smartwatches from top brands like Apple and Samsung.

As a brand-new online retailer, Teckzu was determined to battle against e-commerce giants like Amazon and Noon for search ranking positions. This was a considerable challenge as Teckzu was only 6-months old when they signed up for our SEO services

Despite the brand’s domain age and limited budget, our SEO campaign strategy produced:

  • 1,983% increase in transactions
  • 2,351% increase in revenue from organic search
  • 3,182% increase in organic impressions
  • 1,550% increase in organic clicks

About Teckzu

Teckzu is a one-stop e-commerce shop for renewed and reconditioned smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The team at Teckzu distinguished themselves from the competition through a proprietary quality control process and grading system.

Teckzu Online Retailer in Dubai

By meticulously examining and testing each pre-owned device for optimum performance and reliability, Teckzu can support sustainable shopping efforts and offer best-value electronics in the UAE at unbeatable prices.

Because the business strategy was e-commerce-focused, a robust online presence was crucial. The problem was, Teckzu’s website was relatively new. Meaning, the site had little domain authority and did not display in the search results for non-branded terms.

Teckzu engaged SEO Sherpa to increase domain authority and outcompete large e-commerce retailers like Amazon for popular keywords like “refurbished iPhones” and “refurbished iPads.” As their SEO partner, our goal was to increase search engine visibility and obtain top-of-page rankings. 

The Campaign Objectives

The primary objective of the SEO campaign was to grow search engine visibility. By targeting refurbished electronics queries and high-intent buying keywords most likely to convert, we could drive growth in organic traffic to the website.

Ultimately, we wanted to bolster sales through the website, which would help the client generate sustained revenue growth and profit.

The Campaign Strategy

As Teckzu was to be taking on established refurbished electronics specialists and e-commerce giants in the SERPs, we needed to strengthen Teckzu’s link profile. To acquire high-quality and relevant links, we needed to create linkable assets that could be promoted via outreach.

Next, we focused our attention on the site’s category and product pages. By using a conversion-led copywriting approach, we could enhance the overall content of the website. The improved site content allowed Teckzu to improve internal linking and drive page authority to the bottom-funnel category and product pages.

Lastly, we addressed the site’s numerous technical issues. Index bloat, 302 redirects, and duplicate content were just some of the technical SEO problems that severely impacted search engine indexation. 

The Execution – Content

To maximise the site’s linkable assets and target top-of-funnel search terms, we created high-converting copy and long-form blog posts. 

Here’s how we approached content creation:

  • Performed a full site diagnostic at the start of the campaign to determine recommended actions on content creation and brand positioning.
  • Conducted TF-IDF and LSI keyword analysis to determine content optimization opportunities. 
  • Developed a content calendar using our proprietary framework to discover the top-performing topics in a particular category. 
  • Created SEO content for their blog that allowed us to build internal links to product pages and diversify our promotion strategy.
Teckzu Website Content Example

The Execution – Technical

As the site had numerous technical SEO issues like index bloat and redirect chains, we focused on:

  • Including schema implementation on the site’s product and category pages. The addition of a product review schema allowed Teckzu to win numerous rich snippets in the SERPs.
  • Removing the indexation of 3,000 faceted navigation URLs. By using no-index/no-follow attributes, we addressed the site’s significant index bloat issue.
  • Changing a large amount of internal 302 redirects to 301 redirects, which preserved link juice and removed redirect chains.
  • De-indexing a duplicate dev domain accidentally left indexed by the client’s development team.
  • Publishing fresh blog content in conjunction with technical SEO fixes to increase the number of indexed pages and crawl frequency.   
Teckzu Website Redesign Example

The Execution – Promotion

To optimise link building, we used a diverse approach that incorporated links to product pages and linkable assets on the blog. Here’s how we grew referring domains:

  • We created, claimed, and optimized Teckzu’s Google My Business page and built local citations while fixing the site’s many citation inconsistencies.
  • We deployed our link building strategy via email outreach. Creating an email account in the name of a company spokesperson maximized outreach credibility.
  • We enriched the site’s blog content with at least forty, 1200-word content pieces.
  • For our link building outreach, we targeted technology websites, how-to and gadget review blogs, and local blogs with visitors ranging from 2,000 to 45,000 per month.
  • We distributed links between top-funnel category pages and linkable assets on the blog to create a well-rounded link profile.
Teckzu Promotional Outreach Example

Teckzu Campaign Results

Competing in a competitive market with a brand new domain presented some significant challenges for our team. Regardless of our standing start, we were able to deliver some excellent results.

Within six months, we grew organic impressions from 7,933 to 252,527 and increased organic clicks to the website from 260 to 4,286. That’s a 3,182% and 1,550% jump, respectively. Transactions also increased by 1,933%, from a paltry 6 to 125.

Teckzu's Organic Click Results

By September 2020, we had secured multiple number one rankings for the client’s most prized keywords. What’s more, a total of 21 target keywords had reached the number one position in the SERPs.

Teckzu Keyword Position Results

In terms of revenue, our SEO campaign generated significant growth for our client. Between 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020, our Teckzu saw a 2,326% growth when compared the same time in the prior year. 

Teckzu ROI Results

By the second half of the campaign, our efforts returned AED 5.45 in revenue for every AED 1 invested – a 545% increase. 

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