Yellow Branding SEO Case Study

by Karl Tablante • Updated: November 26, 2020

Yellow Branding Logo

As a branding and digital consultancy, Yellow Branding is focused on helping businesses grow and thrive. Through exceptional branding strategies and digital applications, Yellow Branding has helped a wide range of companies that audiences look forward to engaging with.

As an agency startup looking to establish itself among international branding firms, Yellow Branding turned to SEO Sherpa to bolster its presence in Google’s search results. 12 months after investing in our Standard SEO package, Yellow Branding experienced exceeding exceptional results:

  • Leads increased by 746%
  • Quarterly revenue grew from AED 0 to multiple 6-figures.
  • Estimated AED 28 for every AED 1 invested in SEO
  • Monthly organic impressions jumped to 185%
  • Organic website traffic improved by 126%

About Yellow Branding

A Dubai-based branding agency, Yellow Branding specialises in empowering businesses by crafting branding experiences that seamlessly harmonise creative communication with dynamic digital encounters. 

Yellow Branding Agency In Dubai Design District

Yellow Branding’s start was anything but smooth sailing. As a fresh-faced startup, Yellow Branding was dealt a devastating blow when the agency’s founders left early in the agency’s formation. Despite these challenges, Yellow knew it had the experience, energy, and creativity to compete in a highly incumbent and competitive market.

The team behind Yellow reached out to us to help them develop a more robust online search presence. Building online visibility and ranking at the top of Google’s search results pages would enable Yellow to get in front of new customers and compete for big branding contracts.

The Campaign Objectives 

Our main goals with this project were to ensure Yellow Branding ranked high in search results, increased brand awareness, and establish this agency startup as a branding and creative leader. After all, to stay ahead in branding’s highly competitive landscape, ranking position matters. 

As a young company, Yellow also needed to grow organic traffic to their website. Our focus was to introduce highly qualified prospects to Yellow’s branding and communication services. By qualifying visitors quickly through the site’s conversion funnel, Yellow would be able to generate a steady stream of leads that profitably convert. 

We were required to achieve our campaign objectives while maintaining a sleek and minimalist website typical of a creative agency.

The Campaign Strategy

As our focus was to bolster Yellow Branding’s domain authority and encourage high-quality leads to the website, our strategy revolved around driving high-quality inbound links and addressing the site’s confusing value proposition and conversion paths. 

To solve the site’s low domain authority, we needed to strengthen Yellow’s link profile. That meant organic outreach and leveraging guest posting opportunities. Next, we addressed the website’s ambiguous messaging through well-articulated value propositions, expanded content development for service pages, and strong call-to-action. 

Finally, we also handled the site’s content architecture, which was disorganised, as well as technical SEO issues. 

We resolved the site’s content architecture by adding breadcrumbs and internal links to improve searching engine crawling and user experience. Sorting out technical SEO issues like duplicate content and slow page speed contributed to better site performance. 

The Execution – Technical and UX 

We improved dwell time and conversions by redesigning the homepage. We addressed technical issues that had an impact on the website’s performance and user experience. 

This required us to:

  • Replace the existing rotating carousel with a fixed header and include a value proposition and call-to-action statement to boost dwell time and conversions.
  • Re-organise the content architecture in sub-folders to create thematic content silos for better indexing.
  • Add breadcrumbs for improved user experience and crawling.
  • Replace the static XML sitemap with a dynamic version and remove non-indexable pages affected by canonical issues.
  • Fix duplicate content issues caused by tags and categories having the same name by implementing 301 redirects and correct canonical tags.
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript, compress large images, and enable browser caching to improve critically slow page speeds.   
  • Implement internal linking to cross-promote services and pass link equity to rankable pages.
Yellow Branding's Website Changes

The Execution – Content

To align with the rapidly changing industry of Yellow Branding – and the world in general, we had to deliver on an agile content approach. 

This meant we had to focus on:

  • Enriching previously thin content on the homepage with on-brand copy, positioning Yellow Branding as a creative and branding leader
  • Creating optimised content to overhaul all service pages based on user and data-driven keyword research. 
  • Developing a content calendar using our unique framework to discover top-performing pages in a particular category. Extracted insights were used to plot power topics relevant to Yellow Branding.
  • Quickly pivoting content strategy to address current realities while offering expert insights.
Example of Yellow Branding's Blog Content

The Execution – Promotion

To solve Yellow’s limited link profile, we used a mix of link building techniques, primarily focused on email outreach, link placement, and guest posting. 

Achieving greater link equity for Yellow’s site required the following:

  • Conducting extensive link acquisition via email outreach. Using an email account under the name of a company spokesperson allowed us to maximise credibility and pitch to live conversions. 
  • Winning links from 67 unique referring domains mostly through guest posts.
  • Engaging business, local, tech, and marketing websites with content contribution pitches, including, but not limited to, guest posts. Links were built around exact match, partial match, and branded anchors. 
  • Optimising Google My Business listing and building out local citations while fixing citation inconsistencies to bolster brand discoverability.  

Yellow Branding Campaign Results

Focusing SEO efforts around high-quality inbound links, site architecture improvements, and an agile content approach helped Yellow Branding experience outstanding results. We not only delivered on the client’s goal to rank alongside established competitors; we overtook the competition in the SERPs.

Since engaging SEO Sherpa, Yellow has dominated the top positions on Google for all their primary keyword terms. By the end of the campaign, 33% of Yellow’s target keywords positioned the agency in the top three listings of search results. 

Yellow Branding's Keyword Positions Results

In terms of Share of Voice (a metric describing a company’s position within a niche), Yellow saw tremendous growth by the end of the campaign. Share of Voice for the brand’s most important keywords experienced a 310% increase, with a significant portion of their core keyword groups appearing in positions 1-3 in Google’s SERPs.

Yellow Branding's Share of Voice Results

When COVID-19 impacted the branding and advertising market space, the brand’s overall organic impressions continued to see substantial upticks. Data from Google Search Console and Google Trends illustrates that the pandemic did not have a significant impact on Yellow Branding’s results.

Yellow Branding Organic Impressions Results

Increased organic sessions and search delivered on increased leads and conversion rates. Organic sessions increased by 127%, and organic users grew by 130%. Overall, improved organic sessions and traffic saw leads improve by 746%.

Yellow Branding's Conversions Results

By boosting discoverability and widespread brand recognition, Yellow received an ROI of over 2,800%. The SEO campaign a 6-figure increase in sales revenue for our client with an average contract value of AED 60,800 per client.

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