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It’s time to step up from link building and say hello to digital PR.

With tens of thousands of links earned and over 2,000 campaigns delivered, our digital PR specialists have been crafting impactful stories that generate premium editorial placements for more than half a decade.

Our expert team of specialists offering online PR services in the USA has won links and coverage in hundreds of niches and industries, from fashion, finance, and automotive to formidable markets like pharma and cryptocurrency.

And it’s not just industries, our team knows what it takes to launch campaigns around the world, from the Middle East and North America to the UK and mainland Europe.

We’ve done it through a combination of journalistic and PR know-how and SEO insights like search demand and link strength, crafting campaigns the media outlets love to feature and link to.

The linking-driving campaigns we leverage include reactive newsjacking, data-led hero campaigns, trending stories, expert interviews, and commentary.

This means our digital PR services not only deliver links – that drive higher rankings and more traffic, but they also create a buzz around your brand and make you the go-to in your vertical.

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Why is digital PR important?

Gone are the days of spammy link-building and buying backlinks from low-quality domains. Today’s search engine results pages are fiercely competitive. You must earn links Google loves at scale to stand out and win.

Digital PR helps you acquire backlinks and coverage on reputable websites. We’re talking about the world’s most prominent media outlets and preeminent industry portals. Sites Google knows, likes, and trusts. Domains that pass rank-increasing link juice when they cite you.

But digital PR services in the USA, done right, aren’t only about quality link acquisition.

Digital PR helps you elevate brand credibility, influence public opinion, and build on E-E-A-T, supporting your more comprehensive marketing, PR, and brand efforts.


Enduring value. Consistent results. It’s a proven process that gets you known by your dream publications and customers.



This is where we get to know you through in-depth research and a thorough onboarding. As your dedicated digital PR company in the USA, we take the time to understand your brand, products, customers, and opportunities. This enables us to create campaigns that will have a tangible impact on SEO results and brand awareness. We do this by crafting content that earns links and resonates with your audience.


Data Deep Dive


Once we establish the objectives, we create a custom campaign strategy and roadmap tailored to your unique objectives. This is where we develop impactful ideas that engage your audience and the journalists covering our stories. These ideas are thoroughly validated to ensure every concept can smash your digital PR goals.



Targeting Research

Quality data, in-depth research, impactful designs, optimized copy, striking stories, and tailored media lists. The creation stage is about giving journalists and publications a compelling reason to link. We do it by publishing engaging onsite content and irresistible stories. These stories allow us to earn relevant editorial links that drive organic results, referral traffic, and brand awareness.



Ad Copy and Creative

Once our campaigns are in place, it’s time to start earning those all-important links. We reach out to journalists at dream publications to promote the stories we uncovered. We then layer our campaign angles with an always-on strategy, proactively pitching seasonal stories to the press. We do it by leveraging industry insights through expert-led commentary and newsjacking to put your brand at the story’s center.



Campaign Build

The industry is constantly evolving, and so are our strategies. This is why detailed reporting and analysis are crucial to ensure our approach is forward-thinking. From the impact of our links to quarterly competitor analysis, evaluation and evolution is critical to staying ahead of the competition. In short, we evaluate what is working and do more of it.


One agency. Multiple strategies. Complete done-for-you digital PR delivered by our experts in-house.

Digital PR

Chucking everything at the wall and hoping it sticks won’t cut it anymore. At SEO Sherpa, we craft a tailored strategy focused on driving growth and hitting the goals that matter. No industry or brand is the same. Your digital PR shouldn’t be either.


Utilizing data is a great way to tell stories to journalists, getting them interested in what you have to say. In turn, those studies get cited with links back to your site. This is all about creating relevant, reliable stories that put you in front of your target audience.


From viral stunts to design-led stories, we pride ourselves on offering creative solutions to hit your goals. This takes your digital PR strategy one step further and allows you to build narratives that other brands wouldn’t think of. We give consumers something to talk about.

Reactive Press

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for your brand to be at the center of critical conversations. Our dedicated team of digital PR experts is consistently monitoring the news for relevant stories to ensure you never miss a beat. The news doesn’t stop, so neither do we.


You should be the brand everyone thinks of when your industry is mentioned. As your partner digital PR firm in the USA, we help with that. Through proactive pitching and positioning you as the expert through thought leadership and expert commentary, we make you the go-to in your sector.


We get it, your product offerings are what make you money. That’s why we incorporate them into our strategy. Our experts work with you to maximize link opportunities for your products, particularly around critical sales periods.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us

Ministry of Tourism

“The advice from the SEO Sherpa team was first-rate, transparent, to the point, actionable, and, most importantly, scalable – incredibly important for a large government website like ours.”

Ibrahim Almaghrabi
Director of Solutions

“SEO Sherpa is a search engine optimization powerhouse! We needed an SEO agency capable of handling business challenges beyond “run-of-the-mill” optimization, and they delivered with aplomb.”

Tanzeem Mohammed
Tanz Muhammed
Marketing Manager

“Hands down the best SEO agency in the region. We set clear goals for the content and pages we wanted to optimize, and they consistently executed everything we agreed on.”

Tarik El Lal
Tarik El Lal
Analytics Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital PR is a tactic used within SEO and marketing to positively influence organic results, while also contributing to brand awareness. From data-led hero campaigns through to expert commentary, the strategy spans a variety of methods, taking inspiration from both traditional PR and link building, but focusing on earning editorial backlinks for brands from relevant publications where their target market is consuming news online.
To compete on the SERPS, you need to be earning quality links that are relevant to your brand, product, and audience. Earning editorial links is going to supercharge your SEO results as they hold more authority and trust than links that are paid for or from low quality blogs. If you’re struggling to compete for key terms or rank at all, then it’s time to start looking at your off-page strategy, essentially digging into the quality and quantity of links you’re earning, their relevance, and how they compare with those of your competition. If you're falling behind, digital PR could well be the answer.
Digital PR shouldn't be measured on the number of links alone; instead, we need to look across a number of metrics to ensure we’re earning the right links and positively moving towards bigger business goals such as boosting brand awareness. To measure the success of your digital PR work, focus on quality links, the relevancy of the links, where each link is pointing to, and the number of those links. Three hyper relevant links pointing to a focus area of the site are better than ten spammy, low-quality links pointing to the homepage.

Digital PR incorporates a lot of key tactics from the traditional landscape; however, the focus and main goal is to earn links from online publications, and shying away from any other forms of coverage, such as print or broadcast. The great thing about digital PR is that it has measurable metrics that showcase the impact of results, unlike traditional PR where it’s historically difficult to measure the impact of coverage.

There are two main benefits of digital PR. The first is the positive impact it can have on your organic results. When done right, a digital PR strategy can help boost your rankings for key terms through a strategic internal linking process and clear goals informed by your wider SEO and content strategy. Stronger rankings result in more organic traffic which equates to more revenue, the North Star goal for any business. However, it doesn't just stop at accelerating organic results, digital PR can support wider brand and comms goals by building on brand awareness via consistent media coverage and positioning you as the expert through featured commentary. It really is a strategy that, when done right, can support a number of targets all while driving SEO success!
The great thing about digital PR is that it can be done for any business in any industry, as it’s all about understanding the core audience. Once you have gained that understanding through detailed onboarding and wider industry research, then we can highlight which publications hold the most topical relevancy and are actually engaged with by your potential customers. The team here at SEO Sherpa has a wide variety of experience ranging from more consumer friendly industries such as fashion, beauty, automotive, and sports through to more niche industries where more in-depth understanding is required, such as cryptocurrency, fintech, pharma, and construction. No industry is off limits with digital PR, as long as you take the time to understand the customer, the brand, and the industry.
We custom create our strategies, meaning you can have as little involvement as needed when it comes to digital PR. Typically, most brands want to sign off any campaigns that are being promoted to the press; therefore, you would need to be involved at this stage. However, it all comes back to detailed onboarding (where we definitely need your involvement!) and understanding how we can best support you. While we don’t want to take up too much of your time, sometimes your expertise or final sign off is needed.

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