The technical SEO agency in the UK that turns performance issues into profit generators.

We don’t fix 404s and redirect chains. We build scalable long-term solutions that address the underlying technical blockers holding your business back.


Tap into the highest knowledge base fast. Get four decades of technical SEO experience in your pocket.

Most agencies provide duct tape solutions to generic issue lists spat out by their go-to SEO tool. This approach treats the symptom, not the cause. Add more pages or build out your content, and technical problems resurface again and again.

This UK technical SEO company doesn’t do that.

We first get to the root of your problems and then treat them with effective, tailored solutions that scale with your website regardless of size. Whether your site has one thousand or one million pages, our recommendations grow with you to become as big as you are.

Decades of experience help us fix issues that other agencies can’t.

Our technical SEO experts in the UK are second to none. Combined, they have been in the SEO trenches for 40+ years. They’ve worked on numerous platforms and frameworks, from React JS, SiteCore, and Shopify to Magento, WordPress, and Laravel.

They’ve encountered single, multi-language, custom-coded, out-of-the-box, and headless CMS. They’ve executed for airlines, banks, and the world’s biggest e-commerce stores.

Whatever your technical setup, they’ve likely done it before. A team with this skill level takes years to build.

When you work with us, you access them on day one.

Results that walk the talk.

Check out the results of our technical SEO services in the UK. They speak for themselves.

908% increase in conversions
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$349K monthly revenue growth
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1:200 return on investment
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Wait! What is technical SEO,
and why is it important?

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively (to help improve organic rankings).

Technical SEO is important because search engines give preferential treatment in search results pages (SERPs) to websites with specific technical characteristics. For example, a secure connection, a responsive design, and a fast loading time.

We conduct technical SEO analysis to ensure your website meets the performance standards to rank in today’s competitive search results.


A technical SEO process focused on the bottom line. Our proven systems drive result you can bank on.

Auditing, analysing, and optimising. Our technical SEO agency in the UK addresses the most pressing technical SEO issues first. Like investing, the more we put in upfront, the bigger your results will compound.



Our technical SEO process starts with an in-depth analysis of your website’s architecture, performance, and search engine compliance. More than ninety aspects of your site’s performance get analysed. No stone is left unturned. But don’t mistake the diagnostic for a check-box exercise. Our technical SEO experts consider your site’s unique characteristics and needs. By applying thorough checks with decades of experience, they pinpoint the underlying issues impacting your organic performance.


Data Deep Dive


Next, we prioritise the issues and opportunities identified during the diagnostic process. We do this by scoring each task based on its potential impact and ease of implementation. High-impact, easy-to-execute tasks get done first. Once the order of prioritisation is determined, we plot those deliverables into a technical timeline. You’ll know what’s being done and when, so you can make sure you have resources ready and available.



Targeting Research

Every issue and opportunity is accompanied by a recommendation document – a prescriptive, tailor-made fix to the issue at hand. The documents are prepared by our technical SEO specialists in easy-to-understand plain-speak. They guide you (or your development team) through the implementation process step-by-step. For those of you who prefer visual instructions, we include lots of diagrams.



Ad Copy and Creative

After the recommendations, it’s time to implement the changes. This is when you experience the fruits of the labour. Whether you work with an in-house development team, an outside agency, or our developers, our team works seamlessly with yours. We provide continuous support throughout the implementation process, ensuring improvements are carried out to the highest standards.



Campaign Build

Only the most impeccably maintained websites stand up to the stringent demands of today’s search engines. We conduct regular, in-depth site audits to ensure your website is always up to the mark. Our team doesn’t set and forget. Any new issue is promptly spotted, prioritised, and resolved. No unexpected bugs ever threaten your results.


Speaking to other technical SEO companies? Great, we encourage that.

But here are a few things that make our technical search engine optimisation agency in the UK stand out.

We develop our own SEO tools.

No one is better at developing software to solve complex SEO issues or automate repetitive SEO tasks than us. We’ve built over a dozen specialised tools for things like finding internal link opportunities and validating Schema in bulk. When you come on board as a client, you get access to our proprietary tools that are unlike anything else on the market. We also made several of our tools available for free to the public. Try them out before you work with us.

Try our seo tools

Canonical tag checker

Bulk-check any list of URLs for canonical tag mismatches

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Sitemap extractor

Quickly check any XML sitemap for non-200 status code errors

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Keyword generator

Quickly and easily find related keywords to a seed keyword term

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Website SEO grader

Uncover the issues affecting your site’s performance on search engines

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The expert SEOs, expert SEOs trust.

Our work is featured on the industry’s top websites like Semrush and On Crawl. Industry leaders such as Rand Fishkin and Aleyda Solis have shared our work. Our expert team has appeared on platforms like the Majestic podcast and Moz Whiteboard Friday. We’ve spoken at the industry’s go-to conferences, including the International Search Summit and Brighton SEO. Why should you care? Because if the world’s top SEOs trust our work, you can too.

Unmatched track record. Award-winning work.

We’ve been at the bleeding edge of SEO for over a decade. We have won twenty global awards for best agency or campaign in the past five years. We are the current Global Search Awards Best Large SEO Agency and the MENA Search Awards Best Large SEO Agency. We stand as number five on the world leaderboard for the most-awarded search agencies and rank in the top 20 of all SEO firms globally on Clutch. Many SEO agencies claim to be the best. We prove it.

Crawling, rendering, indexing, performance. Comprehensive technical SEO services executed by experts in-house.

Technical SEO problems, both big and small. We have the experience to solve them.











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How our clients describe working with us

Ministry of Tourism

“The advice from the SEO Sherpa team was first-rate, transparent, to the point, actionable, and, most importantly, scalable – incredibly important for a large government website like ours.”

Ibrahim Almaghrabi
Director of Solutions

“SEO Sherpa is a search engine optimization powerhouse! We needed an SEO agency capable of handling business challenges beyond “run-of-the-mill” optimization, and they delivered with aplomb.”

Tanzeem Mohammed
Tanz Muhammed
Marketing Manager

“Hands down the best SEO agency in the region. We set clear goals for the content and pages we wanted to optimize, and they consistently executed everything we agreed on.”

Tarik El Lal
Tarik El Lal
Analytics Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions we get as a leading technical SEO services company in the UK. Got a question of your own? Just ask

A technical SEO audit involves a thorough analysis of your website’s technical aspects. Our expert technical SEO specialists will delve deep into your site, utilising top-tier tools to uncover any potential issues that could negatively impact your site’s organic performance. Our distinctive audit process is designed to pinpoint any problems related to crawling (the discoverability of your pages by Google), indexing (the presence of your pages in Google's index), and rendering (how Google interprets your site's pages). These issues are then meticulously examined and integrated into our technical improvement plan.
Technical SEO is crucial in ensuring that your website pages are discoverable by Google and included in its index. Ensuring the discoverability and indexability of your pages on search engines is fundamental, as, without these prerequisites, your pages won’t even appear in search results. Consequently, technical SEO is a critical aspect that should not be disregarded, regardless of your website’s size. The larger the site, the greater the importance of technical SEO, as websites with thousands of pages are prone to inadvertently generate technical issues that can negatively affect organic performance. Fortunately, our team of technical SEO experts is ready to address websites of all sizes and any kind of issues. Whatever challenges your site may face, they have been there before and can help you overcome them!
Our technical SEO process is exceptionally thorough. Your website will undergo a comprehensive assessment, with our experts meticulously examining each and every technical detail. From detailed scrutiny of critical SEO elements to assessing mobile-friendliness, page loading times, performance, rendering behaviour, and internationalisation, our team will conduct a comprehensive health check of your site, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

When choosing a technical SEO company in the UK, it’s essential to validate the team’s expertise. Be wary of agencies that simply generate a standard report from any available SEO tool and present it as a custom audit. At SEO Sherpa, our technical SEO specialists possess decades of combined experience and a proven track record in surmounting complex technical challenges for both regional and global industry leaders. Knowing that the agency has a demonstrated history of successfully implementing technical improvements for other clients can provide you with added confidence. We have numerous case studies that demonstrate the remarkable business results achieved through a well-executed technical improvement strategy.

The timeframe for observing results from technical SEO initiatives varies based on the issues affecting your website. Occasionally, websites may not appear in Google's organic search results due to a technical problem hindering their discoverability or indexability. In these cases, resolving the issue can lead to nearly instant SEO enhancements. In other scenarios, technical SEO serves as a series of incremental enhancements for the website, and results will manifest gradually as the site improves with each iteration.
Our team of seasoned technical SEO experts has meticulously developed a comprehensive process that can be tailored to your site’s unique requirements. Through our technical SEO diagnostic, any issues affecting your site’s SEO performance will be pinpointed and ranked by priority. You’ll gain a precise understanding of the necessary fixes and improvements for your site, along with a clearly defined roadmap outlining when and how these changes should be implemented. This approach provides an unparalleled level of transparency and simplicity in achieving technical SEO success.

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