Virtuzone PPC Case Study

by James Reynolds • Updated: February 16, 2014

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Virtuzone is a Dubai-based organization that provides company formation services to help individuals and businesses set up within the United Arab Emirates.

Virtuzone handles every aspect of setting up a business, be it corporate registration, visa processing, or liaising with UAE Government agencies. The business is a partnership with Fujairah’s Creative City Free Zone.

Historically the main marketing channel for Virtuzone had been Google Adwords, however, their account fell into disarray after several months of mismanagement. They came to SEO Sherpa for help.

Within just a few short months we were able to cut their monthly advertising spend whilst at the same time dramatically increase their monthly conversions from 24 to 238.

Virtuzone Adwords Case Study

By analyzing historical data inside Virtuzones account we were able to quickly identify low-performing keywords and ads and reallocated that budget to new restructured areas of the account. The process of rebuilding, analyzing, and optimizing the account had the following effect:-

  • Spend reduced from Dhs 22,983 in May to Dhs 20,116 in September (13% reduction).
  • We increased the conversion rate of the web pages with sign-up forms from 1.71% to 4.39%. (The percentage of visitors who went to that page and signed up).
  • We reduced the average cost-per-conversion from AED 957 to just AED 84.


Before working with SEO Sherpa, Virtuzone had been contracted to another PPC service. Poor optimization of the account meant that whilst the campaigns generated clicks to the Virtuzone website, few of those clicks converted into leads.

In May before SEO Sherpa took over the account, Virtuzone had spent Dhs 22,983 on Google ads and got only 24 leads.

At Dhs 957 per lead Virtuzone needed to close more than 50% of leads to make a profit. This was an almost impossible task.

How SEO Sherpa Helped

We started by conducting a very thorough audit of the Virtuzones Adwords account where we analyzed in detail its historical results. Using past performance data we then set about restructuring the account for optimum future performance. This included:

  • Deleting all but one campaign due to poor results.
  • We created new campaigns targeting only the UAE market area since based on historical data users in the UAE were most likely to convert.
  • A competitor campaign was created to target users searching for their competitor’s names.
  • Keywords in the account were re-organized in too closely-themed ad groups to ensure precisely relevant ads were served to the users.
  • One Display Network campaign was created to target users in the UAE not searching on Google.

After the campaigns were created and set running, a series of optimizations were followed:

  • Added negative keywords to stop Virtuzones ads showing for search-terms that did not produce conversions.
  • Adjusted keyword bids to bid-up top-performing keywords and bid-down poor-performing keywords.
  • Paused or changed ads that were underperforming.
  • Added placement exclusions to Virtuzones Display Network campaign to stop ads showing on irrelevant or underperforming websites.
  • Created new banner ads with a more compelling design and messaging.


Through effective account restructuring and ongoing optimization we were able to deliver the following improved results for Virtuzone:

  • The cost per conversion dropped from Dhs 957 to Dhs 84.
  • Conversions increased from 24 in May to 235 in September.
  • Monthly spend decreased by 13%.

At Dhs 84 per lead, the campaign was hugely profitable for Virtuzone. The volume of leads produced was at an all-time high for the company, in fact, the campaign was so successful for Virtuzone we were asked to pause the campaign on several occasions because they had too many leads to handle.

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