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We don’t just write. We craft content that your customers crave, high-performing sites love to publish, and search engines rank as authority.


Powerhouse content that captivates your audience

Content has the power to captivate. Use it to draw people into your marketing funnel.

We give your target audience the information they seek. We educate them and engage their interest with relevant content in your voice and tone. We answer their questions, allay their concerns, and meet their needs at their stage in the customer journey.

This is how we raise your brand awareness and build credibility and authority in your domain. This is how we establish trust between you and your customers.

But while your content should be designed for humans, it must also be optimised for search engines and guided by data and analytics. It needs to rank in search engine results pages, induce click-throughs, and attract quality backlinks that serve as a vote of confidence for your website (and, therefore, your brand).

This is the balance we strike in content marketing in the UK. We craft human-centred, search engine-optimised, and data-guided content that speaks in your brand voice and tone. We create content that delights your customers and instils trust in your brand.

The result of it all? Meaningful links earned passively, traffic and engagement for your website, and ultimately, a sustainable and effective inbound marketing machine that continually works to draw in customers.

But it’s not our words that matter.

Dozens of clients in hard-to-write niches and markets like healthcare, legal, and government services sing our praises.

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Brian Dean
Founder, Backlinko

“SEO Sherpa is the best SEO agency in the region. We set clear goals every month, and they consistently delivered on executing everything.”

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Tarik El Lel

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Content marketing woes we can solve for you

Stressed by content production requirements?
Our content marketing company in the UK has a system for that.

Running out of ideas, chasing after deadlines? Two things will bring you peace of mind: An elite team of accomplished content specialists, and a tried-and-tested system that allows us to do our best work for you consistently and at scale.

Worried about results?
We’re storytellers with your ROI in mind.

On-brand, best-in-class content is supercharged with SEO best practices to help you climb the search rankings and boost conversions. The result: Blogs that engage readers to take action and demonstrate thought leadership. Articles that win you quality links and Google recognises as an authority resource.

We deliver handcrafted content services that get you results.

End-to-end content creation, with strategy embedded in.


We create content on power topics in your niche, positioning your site as a go-to topic resource.

Guest Posts

We write articles that get published on influential domains to build up your site’s link profile.

PR Articles

We elevate your brand with impactful press releases that resonate with your market and the media.

Skyscraper Content

We craft long-form, high-authority content that demonstrates your thought leadership.

Optimised Copy

We develop high-ranking copy using strategic SEO best practices to boost your online visibility.

Pillar Content

We publish cornerstone pieces that put your expertise in front of decision-makers in your industry.

Visuals & Video Assets

We create compelling multimedia content that enriches your story and amplifies your brand message.


We design data-driven graphics that simplify complex information and engage your audience.

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Why is content still king?

In the fast-changing digital marketing landscape, content remains king for a simple reason: It’s the linchpin of SEO success. Quality content not only engages your audience but also satisfies search engine algorithms hungry for websites with relevance and authenticity. It’s the foundation upon which your SEO strategy is built.

Fresh, insightful content keeps your website alive in the eyes of Google and other search engines, drawing in organic traffic and establishing authority in your niche. In fact, content isn’t just king; it’s the reigning monarch of online visibility. So, invest wisely. Let our content marketing agency in the UK help you craft compelling content and watch your SEO performance ascend the throne of search engine rankings.

Our content marketing system does the heavy lifting to ensure repeatable success for you

Get access to an all-in-one content framework that continuously grows your brand visibility and authority, month after month.

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From blog articles to guest posts, our content specialists create on-brand content that converts. But as we say, the proof is in the reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions we get about as a top content marketing strategy agency in the UK. Got a question of your own? Just ask.

We charge a retainer fee for our content marketing services. The retainer is based on the number and types of content assets we’ll complete for you within a given timeframe. Contact us to get a free proposal.
We find that blog and guest posts that perform well have an average of 1,000 words. Skyscraper content, ultimate guide-type articles, and other long-form pieces run at 2,000 words and above. Of course, we can always craft different types of content with varying word count requirements based on your specific needs and the strategy we develop.

We specialise in and have years of experience creating content in English for the following industries or niches:

  • Automotive
  • Banking and financial services
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Business setup
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Event planning
  • Fashion
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Home improvement
  • Hospitality
  • Immigration
  • Information technology
  • Insurance
  • Interior design
  • Natural health and wellness
  • Oil and gas
  • Photography
  • Real estate
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Sports and fitness
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Travel and tourism

Don’t see your niche on the list? Don’t worry. Our team is adept at researching and writing for even the most technical markets.

We schedule a quarterly business review (QBR) to discuss the details of your campaign, which includes a performance report and findings related to the content and content optimisation actions we’ve done for you. We also encourage you to take advantage of your biweekly calls with your account manager to ask and give your feedback regarding all things content.

Yes. You can review blog posts and any content we create that will be published on your website. You can provide your suggestions or feedback so we can improve the content and ensure it meets your requirements.
Never. Our content team is composed of professional content specialists with solid journalism, literary, marketing and SEO backgrounds. Delivering work with integrity and transparency is baked into our day-to-day routines. We also use premium plagiarism detection tools to ensure all content pieces we create for you are 100% original.

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