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SEO Humor: 13 Cartoons That Perfectly Illustrate Life As A Search Engine Marketer


13 SEO Cartoons

We SEOs work hard, very hard, don’t we?

But we can always still find time for a laugh and a joke, and poking a bit of fun at our profession with some SEO humor keeps us sane.

Whether it’s laughing at how our vocation is nearly always really baffling to those outside it (even our nearest and dearest)…

Or, how the internet has completely taken over our lives in every sense, there’s a lot to laugh at in the world of search engine optimization.

Read on for a selection of SEO cartoons that portray life as a search engine marketer.

1. The Art of SEO

We’ve all had plenty of experience by now of trying to explain what exactly it is we do all day.

And, like this guy, most people look more baffled at the end of our explanation than at the beginning.


2. Just Google It

Us SEOs are used to finding the answers online for almost anything.

That’s why we get frustrated when people ask us dumb questions they could just as easily turn to Google for. But, perhaps there are limits to what Google can tell us?


3. SEO Juice

Like any great chef creating a masterpiece, for great SEO, we need incredible ingredients and lots of expertise.

But, there’s no exact recipe for search engine optimisation, unfortunately…

Still, we all carry on trying, day in, day out, to seek out the exact (and somewhat elusive) elixir we need to rank our websites top of the SERPs.


4. Algorithm Updates

Can you think of many professions where you can lose your expertise overnight?

No, probably not, but all SEOs have had to go back to the drawing board at some point and to some degree.

But hey, it’s all part of the fun, right?


5. An SEO at Home

Do you find it hard to switch out of SEO mode?

So does this guy.

In fact, this SEO Dad is so consumed by the world of search engine optimisation he’s having second thoughts about his real-life duplicate content!


6. An SEOs Work

If you work in search engine optimisation you better get used to the fact that no-one (aside from other SEOs) will ever properly understand what on earth it is you do….

Not even your spouse!

If they really did understand what you get up to, why is it they never click “like” when you post your SEO blogs to Facebook?


7. SEO Jokes

Have you ever had a conversation with a colleague like this?

If you work in an agency, hang out at conferences or simply been in SEO for a while, I’m sure as hell you’ve cracked a few Google jokes by now.


8. Market Research

Us SEOs spend so much time online that things can get a little blurry.

Hands up if you’ve ever got confused between what you learned from a real life conversation and something you may have found out during a “keyword research” session.

Embarrassing, isn’t it?


9. Entity Search

So you know your way around Google?

Unfortunately, there is a flipside…

This witty cartoon illustrates the feeling we get knowing others may be using as many Google search tricks on us, as we do on them.


10. SEO Tasks

“Before I get going, I’ll just quickly…”

In most jobs, people start their day with a coffee and a quick check of emails.

However, it’s not quite that simple for an SEO! This amusing cartoon illustrates how the average SEO day runs.


11. SEO Chat

Us SEOs are masters at condensing a message into just 70 characters of a Title Tag.

That’s because we know that online attention spans are short.

Do you wish that everybody else knew this too?

This SEO meme perfectly illustrates what we often catch ourselves thinking when an acquaintance just doesn’t stop talking.

SEO Humor Title Tag

12. SEO Tools

Now this is something every SEO needs.

We’ve all had days at work like this, you know like when your go-to SEO tool will not load the data you need!


13. Link Prospecting

Desperate times, desperate measures!

We’ve all received those outreach emails….

You know the ones that start with “I found your post on XYZ” and end with “link to my website or die.”

Outreach when done right, is effective, but when done badly…let’s say no more.


I hope you enjoyed that funny look into the world of search engine marketing! There are definitely some very familiar scenarios in there.

From link juice to algorithm updates, to duplicate content there sure is a lot to laugh about when it comes to SEO humor.

So tell me below:

Which of these SEO cartoons tickled you the most? 

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