Hazal Ulubaş

SEO Specialist

Turkish, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Born and raised in Turkey, Hazal earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Bahcesehir University.

From there, she went on to build her SEO experience by working at agencies ZEO, GroupM and Performics, and for the brand Turkcell. 

Hazal honed her skills in crafting online growth and optimization strategies by working on projects for Samsung, Adidas, Durex, Toyota and more. 

Armed with her skills in SEO, Analytics, WordPress development, mobile strategy, and content and social media marketing, she’s a powerful addition to SEO Sherpa’s talented team. 

An awesome communicator, not to mention highly responsible, positive and open-minded — Hazal is truly one of our brightest SEO stars.

The Fun

Can you say sweet tooth? This here’s a big one.

A sugary treat will always make all things right in Hazal’s world. If you sense that she’s feeling sad or anxious, toss a coin — er, chocolate bar — to your girl, and she’ll be back in the game just like that.

You’ll be swapping recipes in no time if you adore good food like Hazal. She’s a certified kitchen goddess, whipping up yummy meals while her cottony kitty Pamuksu snores away nearby. We have absolute faith in Hazal’s culinary chops! 

Not her driving skills, though. We’d walk. 

Special Skills:

• Keyword research• On-page SEO


• Fixing the world’s problems with chocolate• Keeping cool as a cucumber in the midst of challenges

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