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The Serious

An alumna of York St. John University, Harriet graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 2019. Here, she won the overall English Literature Programme Prize for the highest awarded grade in the cohort as well as the English Literature Dissertation Prize for the highest awarded grade for a final project.

Recently, Harriet earned her Master of Arts in Literature, Culture and Society 1700-1900 at The University of Sheffield, finishing with distinction.

Harriet’s career began in the education industry, completing a year as a graduate assistant at Headington School in Oxford. Harriet has also interned as an online exhibition content assistant at the University of Sheffield.

Moving into Marketing, Harriet gained her first position in SEO as a content executive, progressing quickly into content management, then making the transition into project management before landing her role as an account manager at SEO Sherpa.

In her new role, Harriet is responsible for managing a number of key clients, and is sure to find her multinational exposure and project management experience to be key attributes in her (and SEO Sherpa’s) success.

The Fun

For a self-confessed morning person like Harriet, coffee — specifically oat flat white or an iced black americano — is a must. Paired with her so-called kryptonite; that is, baked goods (especially croissants), Harriet should be in breakfast (or anytime) heaven.

Envisioning herself to be a dog in a dual-income household (and living the life!) if she were an animal, Harriet would not, however, get along with your Jack Russell terrier. 

Slow walkers and techno music (Harriet says a rave is her idea of hell!) are also some of her other pet peeves.

If Harriet wasn’t working at SEO Sherpa, you’d probably find her giving lectures on poetry as she absolutely loves discussions around the significance of words and the depth of meaning poetry holds. 

Perhaps you might even catch her quoting her favorite line from the novel The Great Gatsby “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past,” and analyzing it for hours.

A vegetarian who loves Sunday mornings, the smell of freshly cut grass and, of course, coffee, Harriet can usually be found reading in a café— just don’t let her serve the beverage as she considers herself an absolutely abysmal waitress, who could never balance a tray on one hand.  

Harriet has one actual superpower though: a foolproof method for getting rid of hiccups!           

So, if you get a hiccup attack at SEO Sherpa, you know who to look for.

Special Skills:

• Project management • Client relations


• Getting rid of hiccups • Navigating a completely new city

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