Infographic: What Did The UAE Search On Google In 2014?

December 29, 2014

What the UAE searched on Google in 2014

2014, like every other year previous, brought its share of joy and misery, loss and gain, surprise and realisation. Speaking volumes about what was on the mind of the world’s people, our Google searches reveal how we related to the year’s events.

The world searched for hope in relation to the Ebola crisis and the missing Malaysian airliner; it searched to remember some of its brightest stars such as Robin Williams and Maya Angelou, and it searched for some light relief in the form of a hoverboard and Pharrell’s hat. But what was on the minds of the people of the United Arab Emirates? What did the UAE Google?

In this infographic, we reveal the most searched terms by the people of the UAE in 2014.

What UAE Searched For in 2014


While world events are reflected in the searches, the infographic clearly reveals a love of football and Frozen too. What do you think the UAE’s google searches say about what’s on its mind?

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