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At SEO Sherpa we have a tested and proven formula that consistently delivers results. Read through our customer success stories and find out how our Dubai SEO company can contribute to the growth of your business!

AR Works

“AR Works was a new business here in Dubai, and becoming profitable fast was top priority.

James and team got us ranking faster than we could have hoped reaching number one for our main keyword in only three months. Week after week, the team have gone the extra mile to ensure we are at the cutting edge of search, up to speed on the latest information and soaring up the results quickly.

It is very rare that you find such a slick, well managed SEO company in Dubai such as SEO Sherpa. Three words: WORK WITH THEM!”

Christian Burne– Christian Burne, ARWorks


“We were pleased with the level of communication and support during the process, with email updates being provided regularly along with quick responses for any questions we had along the way. Historically, our business has mainly been marketed through word-of-mouth referrals  from happy customers. While this is an excellent strategy that we’ve been pleased with, we knew we were missing out on a large proportion of customers who were searching the Internet for the very services we provide.

After speaking with James about the SEO Sherpa service and how it might benefit for us, I felt confident with his approach, especially when he asked us to define the criteria for success/outcomes that we would be trying to achieve. Tying the service to measurable results made it easy to track whether it would be a successful strategy or not.

It was into the second month when we started receiving phone calls from customers who had found us through the Internet. It immediately made the somewhat elusive SEO service very tangible. While our site was previously not found on the search results, we are now reaching the first place with our targeted keywords.

This has meant a 25% increase in business in just a short period of time. We are very happy with these results and the excellent quality of service from SEO Sherpa.”

Alison Schofield SEO Success StoryAlison Schofield, IngeniousEd


“I saw James speak at The Internet Show in Dubai and decided to learn more by speaking to him directly which eventually lead me to hire SEO Sherpa to work on our website. What I like about SEO Sherpa is that they have a tested and proven process and systematic approach to executing quality SEO. Just as importantly, they kept me up to date and communication channels were wide open throughout the campaign.

We launched our website in September 2011 and despite our own DIY SEO efforts we just couldn’t shift from page 3 obscurity and were getting no organic search traffic at all. We heavily relied on PPC for the majority of our search-related traffic.

Being a start-up company we went for a one-month pack to begin with and the results were phenomenal. Thanks to SEO Sherpa, we leaped from Page 3 to Page 1 for all of the critical keywords we selected prior to starting the campaign.

The best way to describe the impact this had on our business is through a recent experience I personally had when visiting a new supplier. They asked me for our company name so they could plug it in to their system before printing the bill. After I said ‘inkmash’, the guy immediately looked up and asked “are you the ones that come first on Google?” I smiled and said yes we are! He then told the rest of his colleagues in the room “hey this guy is from inkmash, the site that comes first on Google!”….. I felt like a celebrity for a moment, it made my day!

We look forward to doing more SEO work with SEOSherpa soon.”

Jiten Menda SEO Success StoryJiten Menda, inkMASH

Absolute Pools

“We started asking around about SEO companies in Dubai and SEO Sherpa came highly recommended by ex-customers. Even though we did not fully understand the technical side of everything they were about to do, we were assured by others that they garnered great results.By the time they had finished working on our site, it had climbed well up the rankings and now pops up almost all the time! We are now getting a number of calls from new enquiries which is great!

Before engaging in the contract with James and SEO Sherpa our website did not come up very often on google searches at all. As our website is our portal to our customers we realized that we needed to invest in our online profile.

Thanks to James and the team for all the work!”

Tina Morgan SEO Success StoryTina Morgan, Absolute Pools

The Design Hat

“We signed up with SEO Sherpa and James and his team did a full analysis and laid out a plan for the most effective strategy. Throughout the process I have been constantly updated with what the team are working on behind the scenes, along with suggestions that I could look into to improve SEO results, such as my new blog. I have just received my first full report on how the analytics are looking and although there are a lot of competition out there, one key phrase group has worked its way up to 23 on the list which is fantastic.

The analytics regarding site visits has also been vastly improved which means people are starting to find their way to the site. Starting up my new site meant I needed to get quick results; my aim was to get more traffic to my site and hopefully in turn, progress this in to new business leads. There is a lot of competition out there and we knew we needed help.

I have full confidence that these statistics will only improve over the next few months.I would highly recommend SEO Sherpa for the great work done in only a short space of time on my site. Keep up the great work!”

Danny Ammounah Success StoryDanny Ammounah, The Design Hat

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