Pet’s Delight SEO & PPC Case Study

by James Reynolds • Updated: April 17, 2019

Pets Delight Logo

Pet’s Delight is a boutique pet retailer in the heart of Dubai’s communities. Operating in Dubai’s competitive fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, Pet’s Delight faced stiff competition from other pet stores who have begun to invest heavily in Dubai’s FMCG sector, particularly online.

Pet’s Delight signed up for the SEO Sherpa Premium package and Google Ads Starter package and saw immediate value in both SEO and SEM channels. Across both channels, the company achieved some very strong results:

  • An integrated dual-channel campaign that provided a highly profitable 840% ROI
  • Increased organic search engine clicks by 923%
  • Monthly organic search engine impressions increased by 60,934

About Pet’s Delight

Pet’s Delight is a division of Arab Land Trading; a wholesale distributor and the Middle East’s largest importer of pet items.

Pet’s Delight is the Arab Land’s retailer of pet supplies such as dog food and cat food, pet accessories and equestrian items. The company operates 7 pet boutiques throughout Dubai as well as an e-commerce store

Pets Delight Website

The Campaign Objectives

Before working with SEO Sherpa, Pet’s Delight had employed another agency to manage their SEO and SEM requirements. Pet’s Delight turned to SEO Sherpa when the previous agency failed to deliver and search performance did not meet expectations.

In order to increase search engine visibility and online sales to improve profitability and reduce reliance on their high-cost base physical stores, Pet’s Delight engaged SEO Sherpa. As such, the main goal for us was to increase online sales to maximise profitability and reduce Pet’s  Delight’s reliance on their high-cost base physical stores.

While the 7 physical stores that Pet’s Delight has are profitable, they are costly to operate due to high rent and staffing costs. Growing competition from other pet retailers meant Pet’s Delight needed to improve their online channels’ profitability and sales.

The Campaign Strategy

When Pet’s Delight tasked us with increasing online sales to maximise profitability, our strategy was an integrated approach to maximise returns across both SEO and SEM channels.

Our first priority was to roll out SEM campaigns quickly to acquire data fast. As soon as possible, we wanted to isolate the products and messaging responsible for driving the most sales at the highest margins. This would allow us to funnel our AdWords budget to maximise profit and take the guesswork away from SEO by using our SEM learnings in SEO keyword selection, snippet optimisation and product description writing.

We would then use cross-department data exchange to ensure the SEM team could supplement underperforming areas of the SEO campaigns and vice versa.

In e-commerce, we used the 80:20 principle, meaning 80% of Pet’s Delight revenue came from 20% of its customers and products. To get the best returns for the client, we needed to identify the most profitable areas to focus on. Then we channelled all our efforts there.

This included focussing on the budget, targeting, product page optimisation, links, etc.

With our efforts on bringing in the most profitable first-time visitors, we then added remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) campaigns. By using RLSA campaigns win-back messaging, we were able to reach users with appropriate copy based on their stage in the buyer journey. Regardless of the channel that first brought them to the Pet’s Delight site.

The Execution – Technical SEO

We organised the website into proper silos and implemented breadcrumbs to channel link equity:

  • Fixed numerous broken links caused by deletion of inactive products and added breadcrumb navigation.
  • Migrated the website to secure SSL hosting which is essential for any e-commerce store.
  • We organised the website into silos arranged by category pages, proper URL structure and no indexing of tag pages.
  • Implemented canonical tags to resolve duplicate content issues caused by serving of products in multiple categories.
  • Implemented markup using aggregate review, breadcrumbs and product attributes amongst others.

The Execution – Content

We focussed on the optimisation of top-performing products with the highest revenue potential. We successfully managed this by:

  • Optimising 1,353 images to maximise traffic volume for product image searches especially prevalent in the pet accessory category; “dog collar,” “litter trays” etc.
  • Isolating popular products and wrote expanded long-form product descriptions to maximise organic search performance and conversions.
  • Rewrote page titles and descriptions using keywords and ad messaging from top-converting AdWords campaigns.
  • Implemented a blog on the website and wrote articles providing essential tips to pet owners. For example;
    • What to pack for trips with your dog
    • Choosing the right dog food
    • Top products for outdoorsy pet owners
    • These blog posts allowed us to diversify our promotion strategy by adding link-able assets not otherwise available to e-commerce stores.
Pets Delight Blog

The Execution – Promotion

By using pet blogger and sponsorship outreach, we built a steady stream of contextual links.

The promotion strategy included:

  • Targeting a combination of local bloggers and pet bloggers with guest posts and other content contribution pitches.
  • Claiming the Google My Business page for each of the physical Pet’s Delight stores, building local and pet category citations for each location.
  • Pitching and winning highly targeted category and local links using sponsorships. Example; K9 Friends.
  • The link acquisition process was conducted via email outreach. We used an email account set up in the name of a company spokesperson.

The Execution – Technical SEM

We used RLSA campaigns with win-back messaging to reach users who had shown interest in Pet’s products. Here’s how we went about it:

  • We used a highly-granular single keyword ad group set up (SKAGS) so we could show the most relevant ads to users.
  • Implemented a strategic bidding strategy which served our ads at the most profitable times of the day in order to maximise ROI.
  • Underwent ongoing testing of ad-copy messaging through A Vs B tests to maximise click-through-rates and conversion volume.
  • Implemented RLSA campaigns RLSA campaigns with win-back messaging to reach users who had already shown interest in Pet’s Delight products.

Pet’s Delight Campaign Results

Our integrated approach was met with success. Since employing SEO Sherpa, Pet’s Delight has experienced a 100% increase in business year-over-year.

Immediate value was added to the company. At the time of writing this case study, over a 30 days period we generated combined multiple 6-figures in revenue through paid and organic search. Revenue from SEO and SEM campaigns continued to grow dramatically:

Pets Delight SEO and SEM Acquisition
Pet’s Delight revenue numbers have been removed to retain privacy.

There was also a significant increase in impressions from organic search. Monthly impressions increased by 60,934 in 12-months and 122,868 since the campaign started:

Pets Delight Impressions

Since we took over their campaign strategy, Pet’s Delight has also seen their organic search clicks experience a tremendous uplift. In 12 months, organic search clicks doubled. From January 2017 to May 2018, organic search engine clicks grew 923%:

Pets Delight Clicks

A more integrated SEO and SEM approach and an overall improved website experience had a huge impact on online sales and profitability. In a 30-day period, the integrated campaign provided a highly profitable 840% ROI.

Through continual optimisation, the number of customers purchasing through has increased by 25%. The average value order has also increased by AED 400. To meet this new online demand, Pet’s Delight has had to bring on more staff and invest in a larger warehouse.

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