Do Results From A Freelance SEO Expert Last?

September 17, 2014

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Can you expect results from a freelance SEO?

In order to rank your website high in the search results and to get you a real return on your investment, a Search Engine Optimisation provider needs more than just an expert knowledge of SEO practices.

Of course, I’m not saying that a good SEO provider doesn’t need to know everything about SEO; they definitely do! It is an incredibly intricate subject that is constantly changing, and it takes absolutely expert knowledge to succeed at significantly improving rankings for clients. But what I am saying is that they need more than this…

A good SEO provider isn’t just one individual, but a whole team of talented people. Quality SEO involves a large team of highly skilled content creators; writers, video creators, infographic designers and manual link builders who do everything by hand. Like most products, “Quality” SEO is created by hand with dedication and skill, tailored to the client and that takes a lot of people’s time is far more likely to please for a lot longer.

Now, I suppose it is possible for a freelancer to put in the time an effort to do all of this, and possible that in addition to expert SEO knowledge they possess skills in writing, graphics and videography. But when all said and done, it’d be impossible for them to deliver results in even mildly competitive markets for more than one or two clients at a time.

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A freelance SEO looking to generate more than a modicum of revenue is going to need some help. They could build a team, but that takes time, energy, financial investment and a skill-set most solo-preneurs do not possess. The other option is to reduce their time per project by cutting corners with black hat SEO techniques, automation or by buying backlinks. I can tell you plenty about how that works out and it’s not good at all!

If you are serious about getting long-lasting results from SEO then you need a large team of highly-skilled Search Engine Optimisation specialists who have the capacity to deliver for several clients at a time.

What else should you look for in a quality SEO provider?

A good SEO company should also have an internal Research and Development team to test and adapt to changes in search engine algorithms. This ensures a client’s site always remains safe. SEO Sherpa has a team always working on testing and evaluating link sources, as will any good SEO provider, to ensure clients’ sites are safe from future Google algorithm updates.

The quality provider may also have access to their own private website portfolio as a way to get safe, high PageRank links to client’s site and to also ensure safety. Creating a portfolio of this type takes $100’s of thousands of dollars to build and maintain and is therefore out of reach to the vast majority of providers.

What other attributes do you want your SEO provider to possess?

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