Yasmine Abdullah

SEO Copywriter

Arabic, English

Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Yasmine has an MBA degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of Toledo as well as a recent diploma in Digital Media from the American University in Cairo (AUC).

She started her career as a local journalist and reporter, then shifted scope towards content marketing and communication. Since then, Yasmine has worked with various digital media outlets, digital marketing agencies, publishing houses, magazines, entertainment and PR agencies, and e-commerce platforms like Noon, Amazon, and Styli from Landmark Group. 

In addition, she worked with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office as a Senior Bilingual Copywriter.

Yasmine’s passion is helping businesses tell their stories digitally and boost their brands’ images and identity through digital marketing and marketing communication strategies, copywriting, creative content creation, and localized translation.

The Fun

Yasmine felt very drawn and connected to SEO Sherpa, especially since the opportunity to join the team came to her right after she started falling in love with hiking and climbing mountains. Coincidence? 

Some of the weirdest things Yasmine has tasted are fries with ice cream, and pizza with pineapple. (SEO Sherpa’s Team Philippines might protest this, though – these combinations are quite beloved by this lot!)

If she weren’t a copywriter, Yasmine could picture herself as a therapist. She loves supporting others and empowering them to reach the best version of themselves. 

Foil fencing is Yasmine’s favorite sport. She’s been fencing since she was six and, given the opportunity, she would actually love to be a foil fencing referee. (She admires unbiased and just referees.)

Reading minds is the superpower that Yasmine would choose above all else. This way, she can easily understand what everyone wants and needs, even if they don’t say it.

Things that make Yasmine happy: Pizza, Omm Ali (a dessert), her cat, and traveling. Norway and Morocco are up next on her list of dream destinations.

Special Skills:

• Market Planning • Marketing Communications


• Conquering challenges • Studying and finding connections between different cultures

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