Michael Thornton

Director of Client Services


Languages Spoken


Years of experience

The Serious

Michael has taken on various roles, such as content creator and copywriter, before transitioning into the SEO account management and client services director positions.

He worked as Head of Inbound Marketing for Ph Creative before diving into Account Management roles for Epiphany Search and Stickyeyes/Reprise, all in the UK.

Michael’s experience includes leading many enterprise SEO accounts for renowned brands such as Etihad Airways, Hertz, and NatWest, among others, and managing large account management teams. 

Michael is keen to provide outstanding results and moments for SEO Sherpa consistently.

The Fun

After living in Leeds, England, for five years, Michael has packed up and moved to Dubai to bring his expertise to SEO Sherpa.

In his pre-SEO life, there seems to have been a secret career in stand-up comedy- also, Mcdonalds’. Maybe try asking him about those over after-work drinks with the team.

Given a chance to try a different occupation, Michael would like to run a bar or cafe, primarily to enjoy its social aspect. Being a wrestler comes at a close second.

Some tips when hanging out with Michael: Pick up the pace while walking, and DO NOT start conversations with “So wouldn’t it be AWESOME if dinosaurs came back to roam the Earth??”

If you’re into sampling exotic eats or trying out all kinds of restaurants and appreciate a good home-cooked meal, you and Michael will surely hit it off. The kitchen is his happy place, and he’s eaten crocodiles, kangaroos, and snails before! But no matter what’s on the menu, you’ll surely be in great company with this foodie.

Special Skills:

• Content and copywriting • Leading teams


• Being your best gym buddy • Maintaining grace under pressure

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