Issey Morledge

Meet the Sherpa

Issey Morledge

Account Manager


The Serious

Issey is an alumna of the University of St Andrews where she earned her bachelor’s degree in geography. A diligent and smart student, Issey worked as a marketing and ​publicity ​intern ​and ​recreational ​assistant for nearly three years at the University of St Andrews while studying to finish her degree.

Other roles Issey took on through the years include the post of trading manager, category manager, account executive, account manager and client strategy lead.

These days, Issey continues to demonstrate her commitment, professionalism and leadership skills in her role as account manager at SEO Sherpa.

The Fun

As a morning person, it seems natural that Issey once did paper rounds capably when she was 14 – although she thinks that was her least successful career.  

If she were an animal, Issey says she’d be a border terrier because she’s alert, determined, independent and potentially noisy 🙂 (that’ll probably be the case because Issey perks up her day with a cuppa joe).

A yoga aficionado, Issey says being a yoga or fitness instructor would be a great alternative career if she weren’t at SEO Sherpa.

The weirdest food Issey has ever eaten is mopane worms in Zimbabwe – good thing those worms are rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and fiber – great for all those workouts Issey enjoys doing. Not that we’re saying she’s still having them 🙂