Choosing The Best Keywords For Your SEO Campaign

June 27, 2014

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Choosing keywords for your search engine optimisation campaign is not a rabbit and a hat exercise.

You should absolutely NOT (not under any circumstance) pluck keywords out of thin air because you “think” they might be good keyword terms to target.

The process of keyword research is both an art and science and getting this process right separates success and failure with SEO. Target the wrong keyword terms and you could find you get no traffic, find it impossible to rank, or if you do rank, find the quality of leads you get from SEO to be bad.

How to get it “right” with keywords

There are four principles that can help predict success with SEO. These four principles help you avoid competing for rankings you might never attain, and ensure that you only target the most valuable keyword terms that will perform well for your business.

1. Low Competition

To get the most traffic and customers from the search engines you gotta be on top. That’s because the top few results get the lion’s share of clicks.

But getting top rankings isn’t always easy.

There are over 200 factors that influence where Google will rank your website for a particular search term, and competition among website owners to improve these factors, and appear in the coveted #1 spot, can be fierce!

So, in order to increase your chances of ranking top in the search results, it’s important to pick search phrases (keywords) that have low levels of competition.

To get the fastest possible results from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to maximise your chances of success, and to minimise the time and cost of SEO work, it’s important to avoid keywords that have:

    1. Too many competitors, and

    2. Too strong competitors

When doing keyword research you want to ensure you select only keywords with the lowest levels of competition – to maximise the return on investment, and to give you as many customers as possible, with the lowest possible time, effort and risk.

Choosing The Best Keywords For Your SEO Campaign

2. High Traffic

While it’s imperative that you target keywords that have low levels of competition, having top rankings in the search engines isn’t enough to guarantee that your SEO efforts will be profitable.

Just because you’re at the top, it doesn’t mean customers will find you!

You gotta be sure that the keywords you pick have high levels of traffic too. i.e. lots of people actually search using those keywords.

A keyword with a higher number of searches will typically give you more customers than a keyword that has fewer searches. In order to determine the number of searches a keyword gets you can analyse search data sourced directly from Google

3. High Commercial Value

Every potential customer who clicks on your search result, through to your website, is different. Some types of customers are more valuable than other types.

For example, if you are a lawyer, someone searching for “solicitor Dubai” is likely to be more valuable to you than someone who is searching for “free legal advice”.

There’s no point going to the time, effort and expense of getting ranked in Google only to find that the website visitors you attract do not buy anything. Fortunately, we can measure and compare the value of different keyword phrases – we do this by analysing Google advertising data and search volumes to determine which terms have the highest commercial value.

4. High Relevance

If you’ve ever had a prospect call your business and waste your time enquiring about products or services you simply don’t provide, then you’ll know that “getting people to call” is not enough to make sales. You also need to make sure it’s the right people who are calling!

The same is true online.

A keyword might tick the boxes for everything else; has low levels of competition, high levels of traffic, and a high commercial value – and you might rank well for it, attract a lot of website visitors, and perhaps a lot of enquiries – but unless the keyword precisely matches your core business, it will not bring you commercially valuable clients.

This commonly overlooked concept is called “keyword relevance” –and it helps to maximise the value you get from search engine optimisation.


Evaluating now, the true value of each of the many thousand potential keywords you could target for SEO will save you save you time and expense later – by ensuring you go after only the keywords that will generate profit for your business.

This process requires an intrinsic understanding of what makes a good keyword and how to analyse huge amounts of data to make the correct assessment. It’s a process not for the faint hearted, so, of course, we recommend you choose SEO Professionals.

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